Living Expenses (103.7)

103.07 SYNOPSIS:  Grace tells Ben he needs to find a job because expenses have doubled since he and Cal have returned.

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Grace tells Ben to get a job

Scene switches to the kitchen at the Stone’s house. It’s the next morning.

GRACE: Okay, so we’ll keep being careful, but we have to live our lives. I have to get back to work.

Cal and Olive are eating breakfast.

GRACE: [WHISPERING] I mean, our expenses just doubled.

BEN: [WHISPERING] I know, and I’ve got to get a job. I’m on it.

GRACE: Well, that’s great.

BEN: I’ll see what I can sniff out. Hey. You don’t have to do this on your own, okay? Not anymore.

They kiss.

Grace takes Cal to work

GRACE: [TO CAL] Hey, Calamander, you want to see where I work?

GRACE: [TO BEN] Why don’t I take him for the day, give you a chance to sniff?

BEN: Great.

She then walks over to Cal at the table.

GRACE: iPad, headphones, shoes, grab those spelling sheets.

BEN: Grace. Just be careful.

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