NSA Investigation (103.18)

103.18 SYNOPSIS:  At the precinct, Director Vance meets with the Captain and Jared about Michaela, and wants Jared to work as his informant.

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Vance visits captain Riojas

Scene switches to Captain Rojas’ office at the police precinct.

CAPTAIN RIOJAS: I’m not inclined to provide information on my detectives without going through channels.

VANCE: Captain, I’m not suggesting she’s done anything wrong, but Michaela Stone remains a person of interest in the most perplexing investigation ever to cross any of our desks.

CAPTAIN RIOJAS: Look, she’s been nothing short of remarkable since she returned. Solved a major abduction case. Two young girls.

VANCE: We heard. I’ve been wondering how she did that, second day home. Maybe you could show me that case file, Captain.


Vance speaks to Jared

He leaves to get file.

VANCE: You must be proud having such a, uh, talented girlfriend, Detective Vasquez.

JARED: She’s not my girlfriend. I’m married.

VANCE: Oh, I’m sorry. Former girlfriend for whom you’re doing favors. Sticking your neck out, poking around in Kelly Taylor’s murder.

JARED: That was just a routine inquiry.

VANCE: Not so routine and a matter far beyond your jurisdiction. Look, Detective, I’m I’m just a guy working a case, same as you, and I’m hoping you’ll be inclined to help me out. I need to know what Michaela Stone’s doing, where she’s going, who she’s seeing. Regular reports. You’ll be serving your country and saving your job. You don’t want to cross me, Detective.

Director Vance as Adversary, Not Villain

JEFF RAKE:  I love that — when I think about Vance, I think about Tommy Lee Jones and Harrison Ford, I think about Peter Coyote in E.T. He is a formidable adversary but he is not a villain. We’re going to come to understand the humanity of Vance even as he probes deeper into the conspiracy.

SOURCE: Matt Webb Mitovich  (TVLine)

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