Own Your Truth (103.2)

103.2 SYNOPSIS:  Grace is worried about her family’s safety while watching news coverage of Kelly’s murder. Ben tells Olive to come straight home from school the next day. Michaela wants to find out what is going on.

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Cal’s bedtime

Scene switches to the kitchen inside the Stone’s house. Cal and Michaela are moving plastic magnetic letter in front of the refrigerator.

CAL: You can only use three new letters.


Grace has her laptop open on the counter doing some kind of work.

GRACE: Cal. Bed. Let’s go. Brush your teeth. I’ll be right up.

Cal on the way out backs away from Michael, as Ben enters the kitchen.

CAL: Three letters no cheating.

MICHAELA: Okay, okay.

Cal sorted the letters on the refrigerator to read “Now Your Turn”. Michaela starts switching the letters.

BEN: Goodnight, bud.

CAL: Goodnight.

Olive’s alone time

Olive is at the table working on her nails.

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TV news report


REPORTER ON TV: A shocking new development tonight in the story of Flight 828. Unconfirmed reports point to a murder investigation.

BEN: Mick.

Ben, Michaela, and Grace watch the news report.

REPORTER ON TV: In recent days, Taylor has been extremely candid, not only about her experience on Flight 828, but on her treatment by authorities since her return.

GRACE: She was murdered?

BEN: She’s been all over the news.

GRACE: You think there’s a connection?

MICHAELA: Let’s not jump to conclusions. I’m gonna go find out what’s going on.

Michaela exits.

GRACE: Wait, are you saying she was killed – because she went on TV?

BEN: Hey

GRACE: Because all of you have been in the press?

BEN: I know

GRACE: including Cal.

BEN I know.

GRACE: That woman ambushing him on the street.

BEN: We just need to keep Cal close. We need to be careful. Olive, come straight home from school tomorrow.

REPORTER ON TV: I don’t know for sure what happened, but I’m beginning to think that they didn’t tell us everything that was going on.

Grace gets up from her chair and walks over to the refrigerator. Before Michaela left she and moved the letters on it to spell out the phrase “OWN YOUR TRUTH”


What is the Truth to Own Up?

Jeff Rake [Manifest’s creator/writer] cleverly placed the scene in such a way that immediately after Michaela puts up the message, it is Grace who sees it. The phrase “own your truth” continues to resonate throughout the episode. While the phrase might seem like a persuasion for the characters to own up to the fact that they were actually dead for almost five years, it might also indicate that eventually, they have to accept the truth that death will come for everyone.

SOURCE: Barnana Sarkar (MEAWW.COM)

Take a closer look at the magnets on the Stone family refrigerator!

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