Kelly’s Housekeeper (103.9)

103.9 SYNOPSIS:  Michaela and Ben question Patrick, Kelly’s husband. His housekeeper Christine tells them Kelly bruised her arms when she fell at the mall.

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The visit with Mr. Taylor

Scene switches to the house of Patrick (Kelly’s husband). Ben and Michaela are inside with him in his kitchen.

PATRICK: We have people coming, family. I had to cover the blood stains on the carpet with a throw rug.

MICHAELA: [SIGHS] Do you recall Kelly ever using the phrase “own your truth”?

PATRICK: As of two days ago, all the time. She was saying all kinds of crazy stuff after she came back.


PATRICK: Yeah. House is too fancy, we have too much. She wanted a simple life. Bought her this gorgeous necklace. I had to beg her to wear it. And then all of a sudden she’s on TV talking about the government? She hated politics.

BEN: Did Kelly ever feel like she was in danger?


PATRICK: You’re talking about the clicking sounds on the phone? Black SUVs on the street? My housekeeper saw them, too.

Meeting the housekeeper


The housekeeper enters the kitchen.

PATRICK: Christine, the black SUVs?

CHRISTINE: All day and night. Vern and Susie are here.

PATRICK: Go, go.

He then leaves the kitchen.

BEN: [TO PATRICK] We can see ourselves out. [TO MICHAELA] She was under surveillance by the government, by Vance.

CHRISTINE: It’s been terrible. Reporters at the door, those people outside with their candles. Did you see them? They refuse to leave.

MICHAELA: What can you tell us about the last few days? How did Kelly spend her time? W-Was there anything unusual?

CHRISTINE: It’s all been unusual. The press appearances, avoiding the followers. Yesterday she got her hair done at the mall. She-When she came back, there were bruises on her arms and she looked upset. She said she’d fallen.

MICHAELA: Fallen how? What else did she say about that?

People arrive for Kelly’s wake

Patrick enters kitchen.

PATRICK: Hey, Christine. Can you help, please? There’s more.

He hands her a container of food. More people are coming over for Kelly’s wake.

BEN: Okay, this is now officially inappropriate. Come on, let’s go.

As they leave the kitchen, and walk through the house to the front door, they pass a room full of people.


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