Plane in Jamaica (103.1)

103.1 SYNOPSIS:  A flashback shows Kelly on the plane seated across from Ben. While Ben and Michaela are talking about how good the trip was for his marriage, Kelly is complaining she’s she’d rather die than fly with Montego Air again.

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Kelly complains


The plane is on the runway in Jamaica waiting to take off.

KELLY: I’m finally on the plane. I know. First they screw up my reservation, then I get bumped to another flight. Not exactly doing wonders for my vacation Zen.

Michaela affirms

On the same plane is Ben and Michaela. Cal is seated between them with headphones on.

MICHAELA: So, you and Grace, must’ve been nice to get a break.

BEN: Yeah. Yeah, we’ve been getting a little lost in the shuffle, the two of us, so this was good.

MICHAELA: Yeah, you needed a little Jamaica. Little lime in the coconut. [BOTH CHUCKLE] The stress you’re under, I don’t know how you’re doing it.

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BEN: Really? You can’t imagine?

MICHAELA: Don’t change the subject.

BEN: You’ve been drowning in stress.

MICHAELA: I’m just saying, if you and Grace can handle this, you can handle anything.

Kelly complains

Across the aisle from Ben and Michaela, is Kelly. She is still on the phone.

KELLY: Thank God it’s a short flight. I’m never flying Montego again. I’d rather die. [CHUCKLES]



Police are taking photos of Kelly’s dead body, and gathering evidence, looking for clues as to who may have shot her in the back of the head. The bullet is recovered and placed in a plastic bag.

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