Cal’s Blood Test (103.4)

103.04 SYNOPSIS:  Saanvi tells Ben that Cal’s blood contains a protein marker that wasn’t produced by the cancer nor was it there before the flight. She’s going to continue to conduct more tests.

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Ben tells Saanvi to keep low profile

Scene switches back to the kitchen.


Ben looks at his phone.

BEN: Saanvi, hey. You watching this?

Saanvi is sitting on her bed.

SAANVI: You think we need to be worried?

BEN: I think we need to keep our heads down. I’m gonna find out more.

Saanvi tells Ben about Cal’s blood

SAANVI: Listen, I discovered something in Cal’s blood. It’s a marker, a protein. It wasn’t there before the plane, and it wasn’t produced by the cancer.

As Grace walks past Ben to leave the kitchen, Ben takes and kisses her hand.

SAANVI:  I’ve never seen it before. I don’t know what it signifies.

BEN: Is it harmful?

SAANVI: It doesn’t point to a tumor or any environmental toxins or a parasitic infection.

BEN: At the airport when we were detained, remember they gave us those vitamin boosters, electrolytes? I mean, there could’ve been something in any of that.

SAANVI: Yeah, I kept notes on everything. I’ll have to run some more tests, but I’ll keep you posted.

BEN: Okay. Hey, if you see anything worrisome–

SAANVI: Yeah. Yeah, okay.


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