Slumlord (103.19)

103.19 SYNOPSIS:  Kelly’s husband who has been brought into the police station, is guilty of being a slumlord, but is not a suspect in Kelly’s murder. He has an airtight alibi.

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Scene switches to police precinct.

JARED: We’re taking statements from the other tenants. This is a win, Michaela. Kelly’s husband is a total slumlord. Blackmail, extortion, harassment. And the only thing he didn’t do was kill his wife.

MICHAELA: How can we be so sure?

JARED: Because there’s no evidence. His alibi is airtight. Six witnesses place him at the restaurant. He didn’t make any major withdrawals indicating a murder for hire.

MICHAELA: Kelly turned on him. She was taking down-

JARED: Meanwhile, the other guy has Kelly’s blood on his clothes, and an eyewitness puts him at the scene.

MICHAELA: And yet no recovered murder weapon, no recovered necklace.

JARED: There’s a lot of eyes on you right now. You need to start thinking clearly, all right? You need to be a cop.

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