Twins Code III (103.17)

103.17 SYNOPSIS:  Olive asks Cal why he broke their code. When Cal tells her he just wanted everyone to be safe, and that he wasn’t mad at her even though she stole away his best friend, she tells him that she is his best friend.

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Cal tells Olive why he ratted on her

Scene switches to living room in the Stone house. Ben is playing with Legos. Olive walks in and sits down on the floor next to him. 

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OLIVE: Okay, so I need to know why you broke our code, because you ratted me out to Mom and Dad.

CAL: Our twin code?

OLIVE: Yes, Cal. You never did that, like, ever.

CAL: I just wanted you to be safe, like Dad said.

OLIVE: Really? Okay, so you didn’t want to get back at me because of Kevin?

Olive tells Cal she is his best friend

CAL: He was my best friend, and now you and him are… I don’t even know what you’re doing.

OLIVE: Cal, he wasn’t your best friend. I was. All right? I still am.

CAL: Because you’re my twin? How are we even twins anymore? Look at me.

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