Cat’s Cradle (103.25)

103.25 SYNOPSIS:  At the house, Cal and Olive play cat’s cradle.

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Round one


Scene switches to Stone’s living room. Cal is reading a book on the couch. Olive sits next to him. She has string twisted around her fingers, motioning her brother to play Cat’s Cradle with her. 

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CAL: I shouldn’t have ratted you out.

OLIVE: Yeah. But it must be so incredibly weird seeing your friends here.

Cal successfully transfers the string to his fingers without breaking the formation.

Round two

CAL: It is. I mean, he used to be the short one. But I’m glad you like him. He’s pretty cool.

They both make various shapes and know exactly where to place their fingers when passing the string.

Round three

OLIVE: Yeah, he’s okay. But you and me, it’s us against the world. Twins rule.

CAL: Twins rule.

Reforging of Cal and Olive’s relationship

The reforging of the relationship between Cal and Olive was a nice subplot, especially since Cal’s character has been pretty understated considering he’s an affected passenger, too.


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