Save Him! (104.10)

104.10 SYNOPSIS:   Michaela  learns that Jared convinced her partner to take the day off so that he could have time with her to make sure she’s alright. As they start arguing, she sees the stone woman appear in front of her chanting “Save him.” She believes it has to do with their undercover asset and decides to move in on the operation, but it botches the whole mission.—>

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Michaela confronts Jared

Scene switches to street in the city. Jared returns to car after getting coffee.

JARED: [SIGHS] I miss anything?

MICHAELA: Text from Harrington thanking you for tickets to the game. Yeah, so much for a burst pipe.

JARED: Yeah, I, uh

MICHAELA: You what?

JARED: [SIGHS] I’m worried. I-I need to make sure that everything’s okay with you.


(Or is he giving second thought to NSA Agent Vance’s request from last week?)

SOURCE: Matt Webb Mitovich (TVLine)

MICHAELA: So you engineered us being alone together in a car for six hours? Why not just ask me at the precinct?

JARED: I’ve been asking you ever since you’ve been back. But you won’t give me a straight answer.

MICHAELA: It’s complicated, Jared! And it’s painful, but it is my problem that I need to deal with alone.

JARED: I just want to help you. But you won’t trust me enough to tell me what the hell’s going on with you.

Michaela has a vision


Michaela looks out windshield. In front of her is a gray woman with wings.


Ben does not see what Michaela sees.

GRAY WOMAN: [WHISPERING] Save him. Save him! Save him. Save him.

MICHAELA: The undercover his comms went out, right?

JARED: Yeah, but ATF’s not worried.

MICHAELA: No, they don’t know what’s going on in there. I think he might be in trouble.

JARED: What are you talking about?

Jared calls in all units

MICHAELA: We need to go in.

JARED: Are you crazy? ATF is calling this. It’s their operation. The-The buyers aren’t even—

MICHAELA: Jared, you need to trust me, okay? We need to save him.

JARED: How can you possibly know that?


JARED [ON RADIO]: This is NYPD. We’re going in. All units, we’re going in now.

Jared accepts responsibility

Scene switches to inside the building.


JARED: NYPD! Everybody down! Down on the floor!

Officers have their guns drawn.


Officers take cover while they are being shot at. Then a man from behind the shooter points his gun at his head. 


UNDERCOVER AGENT [TO JARED]: What the hell just happened here?

MICHAELA: You’re okay?

UNDERCOVER AGENT: Okay? No, I’m not okay. My cover’s blown. The whole operation is botched. You were supposed to wait for my signal. So, who made the call?

JARED: I did.

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