The Stowaway (104.12)

104.12 SYNOPSIS:  In a time jump back to 2013, it’s revealed that Thomas posed as a flight attendant, but with diversion he needed to hide or he would be arrested. Bethany gives him a phone and some money then instructs him on how to escape. .—>

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Vance learns of a stowaway on 828

Scene switches to government office.

VANCE: Who’s this? Emotionally disturbed person arrested three days ago, then shipped off to a psych ward. He’s not on the manifest for 828. Why do I care?

POWELL: NYPD ran his prints, but couldn’t I.D. him, but once his prints were in the system, it triggered a match in our database.

VANCE: His fingerprints were found on the airplane?

POWELL: Inside the cargo hatch door. We did an amino test. They were fresh when the plane landed. There was a stowaway on 828.

Bethany helps Thomas on the plane



BETHANY: Thomas.

She gives him pouch that contains identification papers and money.

THOMAS: Something’s gone wrong, hasn’t it?

BETHANY: They’re diverting the plane, and police will be there when we land.

THOMAS: They’ll know I’m not a real flight attendant. They’re going to arrest me. What if you get arrested, too?

BETHANY: Shh, shh, shh. Stay calm. Think about Leo, okay? He’ll be waiting for you in the city.


A man walks into the galley. 

PASSENGER: Excuse me. Stewardess?

He hands her an empty coffee mug.

BETHANY: Oh, thank you, sir.

Man returns to passenger seating area.

BETHANY [TO THOMAS]: We’re going to an airport in the middle of nowhere. Less security around the perimeter, which is good. I’m gonna need you to go in here. [SHE OPENS LATCH]. This leads to the cargo hold. Once we touch down and come to a stop, I want you to climb out onto the landing gear and jump down.

THOMAS: And then what?

BETHANY: And then you run.



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