Sexy Math (104.14)

104.14 SYNOPSIS:  Ben goes to the garage and tries to come up with a plan to get the money for the insurance company to save his family. While going through boxes, he stumbles upon one of Grace and Danny’s relationship stuff. He has to quickly hide it as Grace enters and thankfully he has a solution to their financial woes. She calls him amazing, but he returns the favor and calls her the amazing one for everything she has done. They enter the house and seem to be headed to the bedroom when a voicemail from Olive derails their plans. Ben offers to go pick her up.—>

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Ben solves Grace’s worry


Scene switches back to Stone’s house. Ben is in front of a white board.

BEN: Half a million dollars.

Math montage where Ben makes a lot of calculations on white board while checking bills and other financial papers. When he is finished, he puts papers back in box and returns it to a storage shelf where he sees a box of old photos of Grace and Olive with another man. On the back of one of the photos is written, “Happy Anniversary! Love Danny.” 


GRACE: Did you find anything?

Grace hands him a plate with two sandwiches on it.

BEN: I did. But that’s only because my smart wife [THEY KISS] made so many smart moves. We can take out a small business loan, invest it, and use the interest we earn to pay back the insurance money as slowly as we like.

GRACE: Wait, don’t we have to pay it all back at once?

BEN: They’d like us to think we do. But they didn’t exactly have a Flight 828 clause in our insurance policy, so they’re forced to take whatever we offer as long as we pay it back in good faith.

Ben takes a bite from one of the sandwiches.

BEN: Mmm. This should go on your menu.

GRACE: You’re amazing.

BEN: I sat here a few hours and ran some numbers. But you? You spent five years building a business from scratch and making really hard decisions to keep our house, hold our family together. You’re amazing.

Ben and Grace kiss

Grace puts her hands around Ben’s neck and kisses him. 

BEN: Mm.

They embrace. 

GRACE: You like the math I did, huh? That was some really sexy math.


They kiss again.

BEN: That might be the first time those two words have ever been said together.

They kiss again.

GRACE: Very. [PAUSE] Sexy. [PAUSE] Math.

They kiss again.


They run to the front room of the house and kiss still again. Grace starts to lift up his shirt.


BEN: No, no, no, no, no, no.

They continue kissing.

Olive calls to be picked up

GRACE: Oh, I got to get that. I think your dad is the only one who leaves me voicemails anymore, and since he’s with Cal

BEN: Come on.

OLIVE: Hi, Mom

BEN: Probably just wants to talk about his new fishing lure. Come upstairs. Or right here. I don’t care.

Ben has his arms wrapped around Grace while she is on phone.

GRACE: It’s Olive.

BEN: Ah.

GRACE: She wants me to pick her up at Bluemercury. She sounds upset.

BEN: [SIGHS] I’ll do it.

Ben grabs the car keys.

GRACE: Really? You sure?

BEN: I need to work on my Olive speak. Perfect opportunity.

GRACE: [CHUCKLES] Good point.

BEN: And later, let’s get back to that sexy math stuff.

GRACE: Oh, 100%.

They stop just short of kissing again.

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One thought on “Sexy Math (104.14)

  1. Ben and Grace didn’t get a chance to get back to “that 100% sexy math stuff.” Instead, Olive got busted for shoplifting, and for some mysterious reason, Grace left home for hours and came back in a fighting rather than “sexy math” mood.

    Grace was about go upstairs and participate in some warm and tender loving with Ben. What happened? Did she rush from home to meet Danny and do the “sexy math stuff” she was so eager to do with Ben earlier? Absolutely nothing has been revealed regarding Grace’s absence which would suggest otherwise.

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