Code of Silence (104.15)

104.15 SYNOPSIS:  Jared takes the fall for Michaela leading to his suspension. Michaela wants to tell Jared everything, but Ben advises her not to.—>

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Jared is in trouble

Scene switches to police precinct. Jared is in the captain’s office. Michaela watches through the window.

RIOJAS: [MUFFLED] You know, you’re not gonna stonewall your way out of this. [SPEAKING INDISTINCTLY] All of that went out the window. [SPEAKING INDISTINCTLY]

Michaela tells Ben what happened

Scene switches to Ben driving in his car on the way to pick up Olive.

/RINGING/ – Hey.

MICHAELA: I just botched a huge operation.

BEN: What happened?

MICHAELA: I had a vision. There-There was this woman. She was gray like stone, and she had these wings. And she told me to “save him,” but she was wrong. He-He didn’t need saving.

BEN: Wait. A gray woman? Saanvi may have had the same vision.

Ben talks Michaela down

MICHAELA: She did? I hope everything’s okay for her, because it really screwed things up here. Jared could lose his job. I have to come clean and tell them what really happened.

BEN: Are you kidding me?! We come clean now, we could legitimately end up in some government psych facility for the rest of our lives.

MICHAELA: Then I need to at least tell Jared, because it’s just not fair to let him take the fall for this.

BEN: No, Mick, we’ve been lying to the NSA. If we start telling the people we care about what’s happening to us, we’ll force them to lie, too. Call Saanvi. She can help you make sense of this. She’s working on some theories. You have to just accept the consequences with Jared. [PAUSE] Mick. You cannot tell him what’s going on.


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