Unclaimed Patient (104.16)

104.16 SYNOPSIS:  Saanvi discovers that Thomas is going to be moved to a state run facility in a few hours. If she and Bethany are going to save him, they must act quickly.—>

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Saanvi must act quickly

Scene switches to Dr. Feldman’s office.

SAANVI:  Hi, Dr. Feldman. Quick question about the patient in Room 810. I’d love to have a consult with him before he’s discharged, and I was wondering if—

DR. FELDMAN: He’s not getting discharged. No one showed up to claim him, so he’s being moved to a state-run facility in a few hours.

SAANVI: Oh, okay. Thank you.

Bethany will help her

Saanvi leaves office where Bethany is waiting in corridor.

BETHANY: How’d it go?

SAANVI: We’ve got a big problem.

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