Ben, Meet Danny (104.17)

104.17 SYNOPSIS:  Ben arrives at the store where he learns that Olive was caught shoplifting, and meets Danny, who  came to pick her up, for the first time. They share an awkward handshake.—>

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Ben told news about Olive

Scene switches to Bluemercury cosmetic store.

MAKE-UP ARTIST: What can I help you find today?

BEN: Oh, just my daughter. Brown hair, adorable, answers to the name Olive.

MAKE-UP ARTIST: Olive Stone?

BEN: Yeah.

MAKE-UP ARTIST: I’m afraid we caught her shoplifting.

BEN: Oh. Where is she?

Ben meets Danny for the first time


MAKE-UP ARTIST: In the back. But I thought her dad was already here. There they are.

Olive is standing next to a man.

OLIVE: Dad, what are you doing?

BEN: Hi.

Man walks up to Ben.

DANNY: Uh, I’m DannyGrace’s—

BEN: I know.

DANNY: Sorry. Uh, Olive called me. She didn’t really know what to—

BEN: Thanks. I can take her from here.

DANNY: Okay. I’ll just – Bye, Olive.

OLIVE: Thanks.

Danny leaves the store.

Feeling for Ben given the circumstances

Though the introduction was inevitable, you had to feel for Ben given the circumstances: Olive, after being pinched for pinching some make-up, decided that her other “dad” would be her Phone-a-Friend.

SOURCE: Matt Webb Mitovich (TVLine)

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