Jared takes the fall (104.19)

104.19 SYNOPSIS: On the car ride  home, Olive does not look at her father. In a flashback, Ben remembers a special moment when she was 10 years old bonding with him, and stating that he always makes everything better.—>

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Jared is suspended

Scene switches to 129th police precinct

MICHAELA: Hey. What happened?

JARED: ATF is pissed. They’re starting a full investigation. Meantime, I’m suspended.

MICHAELA: I need to tell them this was my fault. I am the one who—

JARED: How is that gonna help anything? I’m the one that made the call.

Jared walks away, but Michaela follows him.

MICHAELA: You don’t have to take the fall to protect me, Jared.

JARED: Yes, I do. Okay? I can’t help it.

MICHAELA: That is the last thing that I want.

Jared tells Michaela to get help

JARED: Then tell me what’s really going on. You saw something. Or heard something. I saw it on your face. What was it?

MICHAELA: I heard a gunshot, so I thought that maybe I was right there. There was no gunshot.

JARED: I know there’s more to the story here, just like I know there’s more to the story about those kidnapped girls and the lady who killed that passenger from the plane. If you don’t want to talk to me, I get it. But you got to talk to someone. You need help.

MICHAELA: Actually, ye-yeah, there might be somebody I know. Ben said she might be able to help.

JARED: Then go.

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