Hospital Lockdown (104.21)

104.21 SYNOPSIS:  At the hospital, Saanvi and Bethany are searching for Thomas and when they find his room, they learn he tripped the hospital alarm. Director Vance arrives closely behind looking for Thomas when a nurse reveals that his mother had arrived to pick him up. Now he’s looking for two people. Saanvi and Bethany exit the hospital where they run into Michaela. .—>

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Traipsing 828ers show up

Scene switches to medical center.

BETHANY: I still think this is a bad idea.

SAANVI: It’s the only way Thomas is gonna get out of here.

BETHANY: Mm-hmm. We’re gonna get caught. Someone’s bound to recognize a couple of 828ers just traipsing around here together.

SAANVI: These nurses work long shifts. Let’s just hope we find someone who doesn’t spend all their free time watching the 24-hour news channel.

Vigilant nurse shows up

PSYCH WARD NURSE: May I help you?

SAANVI: Uh, discharge orders for a psych patient.

NURSE [TO BETHANY]: And you’re the mother?

BETHANY: Mm-hmm.

PSYCH WARD NURSE: Little surprised the doctor released him. He’s on a lot of Haldol. Maybe I should double check.

SAANVI: Uh, well, his mom here is a physician’s assistant. Guess the doctor thought that he’d be better off with family in this case. But, I mean, if you disagree


MAN: All security

BETHANY: What’s going on?

2nd NURSE: We’re on lockdown. A patient tripped the alarm trying to get out.


STAFF: Get him back into his room.

Bethany and Saanvi run to Room 810.

SAANVI: He’s gone.

BETHANY: Thomas!

Gray woman shows up

Saanvi sees wet footprints on floor walking away from room.

SAANVI: Do you see those?


INTERCOM: Attention, all staff and personnel, this is not a drill.
Please follow standard lockdown protocol.

SAANVI: We have to go. Come on.

Vance shows up

As they leave heading down a stairwell, Director Vance and his team show up and go directly to Room 810.

VANCE: Search the room.

INTERCOM: Attention, all staff and personnel

VANCE: Want to see the doctor in charge of the John Doe who escaped.

NURSE: He’s actually not a John Doe anymore. His mother showed up.

VANCE: What? Where is she?

NURSE: She was just here.

Michaela shows up

Scene switches to outside medical center. Saanvi and Bethany just opened door and are running on sidewalk, when a car drives up.


SAANVI: Michaela? What are you doing here?

MICHAELA: I came here to talk to you. I think that we might’ve seen the same—

BETHANY: You can talk later.

SAANVI: Okay, look, we really need your help. We got to go.


Director Vance walks out of the hospital onto sidewalk.

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