Who is Gray Woman? (104.22)

104.22 SYNOPSIS:  Saanvi and Michaela discuss their different visions of the gray woman . To Saanvi, she has wet footprints while to Michaela she had large wings. Bethany connects the two to the Angel of  Waters, a statue in Central Park, at Bethesda Fountain.

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Figuring out where to look


Scene switches inside Michaela’s car.

SAANVI: So, Thomas would be the perfect guinea pig for Vance. No identity, no family. In Vance’s mind, Thomas doesn’t exist.

BETHANY: Yeah, well, Vance is wrong, okay? We have to find Thomas before he does.

MICHAELA: Do you have any idea where he’d go?

BETHANY: All our plans changed once the plane was rerouted. I gave him my phone, but it was useless.

MICHAELA: Did he know anyone else in the city?

BETHANY: No one. He and my cousin planned to meet up and start a whole new life.

MICHAELA: Well, how did they plan to connect once they got to New York?

BETHANY: I never even asked. God, I wish I had.

Figuring out the visions

SAANVI: We need to look for wet footprints.

MICHAELA: What are you talking about?

SAANVI: It’s how I found Thomas. I saw a woman.

MICHAELA: The gray woman with wings?

SAANVI: No, she didn’t have wings. She left wet footprints. That’s what led me to Thomas.

MICHAELA: So, we’re seeing the same gray woman, but I’m seeing an angel and you’re seeing wet footprints?

SAANVI: Like she had been standing in water. No, it just doesn’t make sense.

The link between Saanvi and Michaela’s visions

What some viewers may have seen as merely visual gimmicks (i.e. the wet footprints and the angel saying “Save him!”) were actually a very creative way of tying the visions of Saanvi and Michaela together.


Bethany knows the answer

BETHANY: The Angel of the Waters.


BETHANY: The statue at the top of Bethesda Fountain. She has wings and water at her feet. And she’s a big part of “Angels in America,” Leo’s favorite play.

MICHAELA: So you think that’s where he went?

BETHANY: Thomas may not know New York, but he sure as hell knows Tony Kushner.

MICHAELA: The angel told me to save him. She meant Thomas.

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