Whose Daughter? (104.23)

104.23 SYNOPSIS:  Grace is furious that Ben did not tell her about Olive’s shoplifting and only heard about it because Danny told her. Ben tells her he did it to regain Olive’s trust, but Grace needs them to be a team in order to make this work. Ben gets angry that neither Grace nor Olive can let go of Danny and realizes that maybe he is the odd person out in this equation. .—>

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Grace confronts Ben

Scene switches to the Stone’s house.


BEN: Hey, you’re back.


BEN: Everything good?

GRACE: Good. Fine. How’s Olive?

BEN: Hanging out in her room.

GRACE: Were you seriously not gonna tell me about our daughter shoplifting? You don’t think that’s something that I would want to know?

BEN: Olive asked me not to. I’m trying to gain her trust back.

GRACE: She’s 15 and in trouble. Of course she asked you not to.

Continuity Glitch

If Olive was born in May of 2002–her twin Cal’s birthdate is mentioned in “Pilot”–her age in November of 2018 would be 16, not 15 as Grace said.

SOURCE: Baby M at Doux Reviews

The Danny connection

BEN: How’d you find out?

GRACE: That’s not the point, Ben.

BEN: Danny. You talked to Danny. I thought you ended it with him.

GRACE: I did. He only called me to tell me what happened with Olive. He felt awful. Ben, you can’t keep secrets from me about my own daughter!

BEN: Our daughter.

GRACE: Of course that’s what I meant. I want you to be half of this parenting team. I cannot do it alone, but neither can you. Trust me, you have no idea what we’ve been through with her.

BEN: “We”? Meaning you and Danny?

GRACE: Ben, you weren’t here.

BEN [SCREAMING]: I am now! And neither one of you seem to be able to let this guy go. [PAUSE] But maybe it’s not fair for me to ask you to.

GRACE: Ben It’s okay.

BEN: I’m gonna get some air.


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