Whose Daughter? (104.23)

104.23 SYNOPSIS:  Grace is furious that Ben did not tell her about Olive’s shoplifting and only heard about it because Danny told her. Ben tells her he did it to regain Olive’s trust, but Grace needs them to be a team in order to make this work. Ben gets angry that neither Grace nor Olive can let go of Danny and realizes that maybe he is the odd person out in this equation. .—>

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Grace confronts Ben

Scene switches to the Stone’s house.


BEN: Hey, you’re back.


BEN: Everything good?

GRACE: Good. Fine. How’s Olive?

BEN: Hanging out in her room.

GRACE: Were you seriously not gonna tell me about our daughter shoplifting? You don’t think that’s something that I would want to know?

BEN: Olive asked me not to. I’m trying to gain her trust back.

GRACE: She’s 15 and in trouble. Of course she asked you not to.

Continuity Glitch

If Olive was born in May of 2002–her twin Cal’s birthdate is mentioned in “Pilot”–her age in November of 2018 would be 16, not 15 as Grace said.

SOURCE: Baby M at Doux Reviews

The Danny connection

BEN: How’d you find out?

GRACE: That’s not the point, Ben.

BEN: Danny. You talked to Danny. I thought you ended it with him.

GRACE: I did. He only called me to tell me what happened with Olive. He felt awful. Ben, you can’t keep secrets from me about my own daughter!

BEN: Our daughter.

GRACE: Of course that’s what I meant. I want you to be half of this parenting team. I cannot do it alone, but neither can you. Trust me, you have no idea what we’ve been through with her.

BEN: “We”? Meaning you and Danny?

GRACE: Ben, you weren’t here.

BEN [SCREAMING]: I am now! And neither one of you seem to be able to let this guy go. [PAUSE] But maybe it’s not fair for me to ask you to.

GRACE: Ben It’s okay.

BEN: I’m gonna get some air.


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11 thoughts on “Whose Daughter? (104.23)

  1. Just quickly. Olive and Calvin’s birthday is in April. Guess what. She will be 17 and guess what else. In New York, 17 is the “age of consent.” She can bunk up with whomever she wants. If she wants to share the sheets with Danny, she can.

  2. Totally agree. The writers do need to get to the point. They need to address Danny big time which I’ve read in an interview I believe we are supposed to learn more about him. Hopefully just one episode of learning his past and then the next episode Ben or grace or someone takes him out or sends him up river. The character is basically a waste of space

  3. I agree with everything you’re stated, Alicia. When it comes to Olive’s relationship with Danny, Ben and Grace must make decisions to do what’s in Olive’s best interests. Not on the hormone-driven teen Olive’s impulsive thinking.

    Olive is in therapy twice a week. Why? Olive and Danny have a planned overnight trip on July 19th to climb Acadia. Grace is pregnant. Ben and Cal are scheduled to die on June 2, 2024.

    There’re a lot of problematic issues facing the Stone family’s future. What about Cal? He’s family too. It’s time for the writers to either “s*** or get off the pot.” Danny’s character must be clearly defined. No more “shades of gray” alibis.

    Either he’s part of the 828 conspiracy or he’s not. If he is, definitively reveal the purpose of his role. If he’s not involved, then why hell is he still around? It doesn’t matter to me whether he is involved in the conspiracy or not. The only thing I want for him is to be dead and or permanently gone. Period.

  4. That’s what I want to know bc there should be no reason for an over night stay at Acadia especially when there is no proof showing that other people that are adults like her parents are going. I’m sorry but if my teen daughter was going on a overnight trip with any man there better as sure as hell better be other adults there bc if not my kid ain’t going. Gone five years or not ben needs to speak the hell up bc this could cause serious issues for the entire family. Plus why is olive still in therapy and why didn’t olive get in major trouble when she snuck out. If that would of been my kid she would of been banned from leaving the house ever again. I keep having this recurring dream that Danny and olive goes to Acadia and Danny is following olive up the rocks slips falls and breaks his neck. No more Danny. I’d gladly write the scene for them if they want. I remember it vividly. Usually when I have these dreams they end up occurring. Idk why but they do. I know I have a very creepy imagination.

  5. “The idea that people can actually think that Danny is the baby daddy of the unborn child is gross.”

    Blame the writers. It’s their fault. They’re the ones who introduced this stupid OMG hated-by-me storyline. Some of us thought Danny was frackin’ gone … permanently finished as a character … never ever to be seen again.

    But, no … no fan service for the show’s fans. Not only do they plan to bring Danny back, they go out of their frickin’ minds and decide that fans would absolutely love the possibility of Grace being pregnant by Danny.

    Why is Grace pregnant anyway? The writers don’t have enough material to write the plot devices needed for future episodes? Or perhaps, they simply making it up on the go?

    Will Olive and Danny travel and stay overnight together on July 19th during their planned trip to “climb” Acadia? Will Ben and Grace agree to such an arrangement? WTH is going on? And WTH will happen?

  6. The idea that people can actually think that Danny is the baby daddy of the unborn child is gross. But legally Ben will be daddy if the writers do it right bc under NYC law if the woman is married when the baby is conceived or born even the husband is automatically determined the father. Now of course if grace is to tell Danny about said baby and if he thinks he’s the father he could take grace to court and fight for rights but something tells me he is behind this plane thing and he doesn’t want found out so he may just let it go. Now if olive and him are more than just father and daughter relationship which I suspect they are bc he and her just look give each other looks that speak way more than a platonic relationship then I hope to God Ben and grace finds out and they do what needs to be done. I’m sorry for all u Danny lovers but he needs to jump ship and lay with the fishes

  7. “I absolutely can’t stand the Danny character.”

    I’m with you 100%, Alicia. The only thing we know about him is that he supposedly loves Grace and Olive. This is something showrunners suggested throughout the first season, but have provided no visible or tangible proof whatsoever.

    We know nothing about Danny. He and Olive could be more intimately involved than shown. What’s his last name? What does he do for a living? How did his wife die? Did he help Grace financially? Or did she help him?

    For me, Danny’s character has been portrayed as a creepy “Shade of Gray” boogeyman … threatening the Stone family’s well-being … in all the wrong ways possible.

  8. I’ll be the first to admit I absolutely can’t stand the Danny character. In all honesty I feel like he is connected with the major and she is making him keep an eye on the stone family bc she knows with olives obsession with Danny it will be easy for him to get in with the family and bc it makes olive happy Ben won’t say nothing. But he needs to bc her obsession isn’t healthy.

  9. Alicia. As a devoted fan of the show, I desperately want Ben to be the father of Grace’s baby. I agree with you 100%. An ultrasound is needed. There’s even an infinitesimal chance that Grace may not be pregnant (I can only hope).

    From my perspective, the entire “Grace is pregnant” storyline is “wrongheaded” and a gross misuse of Athena Karkanis’ outstanding acting talents. Athena deserves a better written (and a more compelling developed) character … and so do the show’s loyal and devoted fans.

    IMHO Danny’s character is no longer needed for the overarching story … whether it involves the ongoing mystery of Flight 828 or the Stone family relationship dynamics.

  10. Charles you also need to remember that Ben and grace were together on the night during the second episode. Very last scene so that baby is most likely still be bens. She also said to Ben in the last episode she was around six weeks so she was mainly guessing. We need an ultrasound done first to find out how many weeks she is. She could be a couple of weeks and it can still be detected on pg test

  11. This is one of the most important and underrated scenes in season one. It’s proof-positive that both Olive and Grace are willing to betray Ben as a father and husband when it comes to Danny.

    Olive called Grace and Danny both to pick her up at the Bluemercury cosmetics shop because of her shoplifting incident. She was surprised when Ben showed up instead of Grace.

    Grace wasn’t home when Olive and Ben returned? Why?When Ben asked Grace how she found out, she immediately replied, “That’s not the point, Ben.” So, if Danny called to tell her about Olive’s shoplifting incident, why did she have to immediately leave home and stay away for hours?

    Ben realized two things. First, Olive had duped him. Then, after his conversation with Grace, he realized that Olive knew before asking him to keep her shoplifting incident a secret that Danny would tell Grace.

    Ben also realized that Grace had just returned from seeing Danny. His “I thought you ended it with him” revealed to him the extent of Grace’s willingness to deceive and betray him.

    After understanding what had happened between him and Grace (and Olive), This is the reason he said, “I’m gonna get some air.” And left the house … disappointed and heartbroken.

    Why was Grace gone for hours? What was so important that after talking with Danny on the phone she couldn’t wait for Ben and Olive to return home and meet them? After all, they did came straight home from the Bluemercury.

    What did Grace and Danny do for hours? Did they talk? Most definitely. Did they have sex? More likely than not. To them, engaging in sex was not considered “infidelity with moral consequences.” Grace later told her friend Rob that she thought being with Ben felt like cheating on Danny.

    So, at the time, would she consider having sex with Danny cheating on Ben? Of course not. Being with Danny instead of Olive and Ben when she knew about Olive’s shoplifting incident showed exactly who she was … and exactly what she was capable of doing.

    Having sex with Danny and keeping it secret from Ben … while arguing with about Ben keeping secrets from her … is what had made Grace, Grace.

    Which makes “Whose Daughter?” even more relevant now than then. Because now it’s “Whose Baby?” More importantly, was this baby conceived during the hours Grace was away from home “talking” with Danny instead of meeting and greeting Ben and Olive upon their return from the Bluemercury?

    Yes, indeed. This was definitely one of the most important and underrated scenes in season one.

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