Making Connections (104.6)

104.06 SYNOPSIS: Saanvi calls Ben in to discuss what she saw while revealing that this new patient was asking for Bethany. Ben thinks she may have information concerning what happened to the flight and they bond over feeling less crazy around one another. —>

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Grace opens the mail

Scene switches to Stone’s living room. Grace is opening the mail. She looks at an envelope from Barrow Life Insurance addressed to Grace Stone at 2414 Ocotillo Avenue, Hollis Hills NY, 11427.

The Number 828

Ben and Grace’s address is 2414 Ocotillo Avenue, Hollis Hills NY 11427. 2 x 414 = 828; so, in a roundabout kind of way, the house number is an “828” sighting. It’s also sort of symbolic. Half of the family was on 828, and the other half weren’t. (In the interests of completeness, we should note that Hollis Hills is a neighborhood in Queens, and an ocotillo is a desert plant found in the American southwest and northern Mexico.)

SOURCE: Baby M at Doux Reviews

Saanvi tells Ben about her vision


Scene switches again to the medical center’s cafeteria.

BEN: What is it? Are you okay?

SAANVI: Not according to my brain scan.

BEN:  Did you find something?

SAANVI: No. I saw something.

BEN: Okay.

SAANVI: Something that wasn’t there. The neurologist called it a hallucination, but I think it was a signal of some kind.

BEN: Like how we all saw the plane?

SAANVI: Sort of. But that was a flash of an image, and this was this was real. I mean, obviously it wasn’t. It just I sound like I’m going crazy.

BEN: I’m the one person you don’t have to say that to. [PAUSE] What did you see?

Saanvi tells Ben about Bethany

SAANVI: A woman. She was all gray like a statue, and she left these wet footprints. The footprints led me to the psych ward and then to a patient who grabbed me and said, “It was Bethany.”

BEN: Bethany?

SAANVI: The flight attendant.

BEN: Bethany was what?

SAANVI: I don’t know. I mean, this guy was on anti-psychotics and he was out of his mind.

BEN: And yet Bethany would’ve had access to the cockpit, the flight plan, the captain. Maybe she knows how the plane disappeared. Maybe she had something to do with it.

SAANVI: Well, we definitely need to talk to her. I just have no idea where she is.

Ben connects Saanvi with Bethany

Ben sends Saanvi a text message with Bethany’s contact information.

SAANVI: it’s not like we exchanged numbers when Vance had us


Saanvi looks at her phone.

SAANVI: But apparently you did.

BEN: Yeah, I started a database with information about every passenger. Wanted to see if there was some pattern, something we’re missing. I have to be able to frame what happened to us in a way I understand or I’ll go crazy.

SAANVI: I’m the one person you don’t have to say that to.

Grace needs to talk to Ben


Ben looks at his phone.

BEN: Hey, love, what’s up?

GRACE: Can you, uh, um, come home? I need to talk to you.

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