Dishing It Up (104.7)

104.07 On the op, Michael and Jared are forced to spend most of the day together. They bond over an old Italian restaurant they went to, but as things get weird she sends him off to grab coffee. He leaves his phone in the car, which Michaela reads and is obviously distressed from what she sees. —>

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Jared and Michaela on watch

Scene switches to street in front of a warehouse in the city.

MICHAELA: Here comes the merchandise.

AGENT [ON RADIO]: Something is blocking our audio signal from the inside, so we don’t have ears. But our U.C. checked in by phone, so all is well.

JARED: Copy that, ATF. NYPD sits tight till you give the signal.

AGENT: Don’t hold your breath. Buyer’s not due until after dark.

JARED: [SIGHS] That’s what, six or seven hours?

MICHAELA: Mm, the non-stop adrenaline of being a detective.

Thinking about lunch

JARED: [CHUCKLES] Loads of excitement in store for us. We’re gonna have to get lunch, snacks. Maybe even a coffee at some point.

MICHAELA: What are we doing for lunch?

JARED: Mm, there’s a burger spot a couple blocks away.


JARED: I know you like Italian.


JARED: All right, Italian it is. What’s nearby?

MICHAELA: Terraci’s.

Thinking of past dates


JARED: [CHUCKLES] We used to love that place. You used to always get the oyster linguini.

MICHAELA: Oh, it was the best.

JARED: What was it I always got?


JARED: They were famous for something, though.

MICHAELA: Yeah, the tiramisu. We just never seemed to make it to dessert.


They both take a long pause and look at each other.

Jared leaves his cell phone behind

MICHAELA: I could use a coffee.

JARED: I’ll go get it.

Jared opens the car door and begins walking.



Michaela looks at her phone.

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