Cosmetic Store (104.9)

104.09 SYNOPSIS: Olive is out shopping, but she never received her weekly allowance and decides to take matters into her own hands by shoplifting, but she’s caught by the store’s security.—>

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Olive, the celebrity

Scene switches to a Bluemercury cosmetic store.

AVERY: When I’m famous, I’m gonna have to look this good every single day. It’s gonna be exhausting.

Olive sits near him while a make-up artist puts red lipstick on her.

OLIVE: Easy solve. Don’t be famous.

AVERY: [TO MAKE-UP ARTIST] She’s famous.

MAKE-UP ARTIST: Really? For what? For absolutely nothing I’ve done.

AVERY: Come on, you have the most epic life of anyone I know.

OLIVE: Stuff happens to me, not because of me.

AVERY: Her father and her brother were on that magic plane.

MAKE-UP ARTIST: Whoa. That must be crazy.

OLIVE: It is, yeah. I mean, it’s great, of course.

WOMAN CUSTOMER: Excuse me, I’m ready.

MAKE-UP ARTIST: Hang on. I have to help a girl out.

Olive is pressured

AVERY: Oh, my God, I just died everywhere. Do you see you?

OLIVE: Yeah.

AVERY: For real, you have to have this.

OLIVE [TO EMPLOYEE]: Excuse me. How much is everything?

MAKE-UP ARTIST: It’s $120.

OLIVE: I’ll have to think about it.


AVERY: I’m here, famous girl. I thought you got allowance on Mondays.

OLIVE: Yeah, I used to. I don’t know if things have changed or my mom just forgot, and it seems a little petty to ask.

AVERY: Well, I’m guessing this Olive could ask. ‘Cause she’s in control.

Olive looks at red lips in a mirror.

Olive, the shoplifter

OLIVE: [CHUCKLES] I think we should go.

AVERY: All right.

Olive reaches down on the counter and puts lipstick in her backpack.

STORE SECURITY: Excuse me. You’re gonna need to come with me.

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