Be Safe Out There (104.4)

104.04 SYNOPSIS:  At the precinct, the captain reveals they will be doing a joint operation with ATF and lucky for Michaela she’s been paired with Jared. —>

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Breakfast at the police precinct

Scene switches to the 129th police precinct.

OFFICER DIAZ: Bagels in the break room.

He bites into a bagel and starts to chew.

MICHAELA: Is that garlic? Don’t tell Harrington. I’m not gonna be stuck in a car with his stinky breath for six hours.

Morning briefing


RIOJAS: Okay, people, listen up. We are still running support on the ATF op. We’ve heard from their undercover. The gun buy is going down tonight. This is ATF’s deal, so we’re on standby until they make the call, then we do the bust, and ATF takes all the credit.

Day’s assignments

RIOJAS: Now, Sheller, you’re with Yan. Wilson, you’re with Larner. And Stone, you’re gonna be with Vasquez today. All right, let’s be safe out there.

MICHAELA: Hey, what happened to Harrington?

RIOJAS: Oh, pipe burst at his house.

RIOJAS [TO JARED]: Vasquez, you’re NYPD lead on this.


RIOJAS [TO MICHAELA]: You all good?

MICHAELA: Mm. Never better.


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