Homeless Patient (104.5)

104.05 SYNOPSIS:  At the hospital, Saanvi gets another doctor to consult her on her own brain scan who reveals that its similar to a homeless man that was recently admitted and diagnosed with schizophrenia. As she leaves the office, she follows more watery footprints that arrive at the door of the schizophrenic patient Thomas who bursts out of the room asking for them to find the flight attendant Bethany. Hospital personnel are able to sedate him, but Saanvi is visibly shaken by this. —>

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Saanvi’s brain scans

Scene switches to the office of Dr. Feldman at the medical center, the Edward Koch School of Medicine. He and Saanvi are behind a desk looking at a brain scan on a computer screen.

DR. FELDMAN: This is your patient?


I have this friend…

SAANVI: Mm-hmm. She showed an unusual blood marker, but now she’s having visions, and apparently very realistic ones.

DR. FELDMAN: Well, there’s activation in this area, the insular cortex. Consistent with someone experiencing hallucinations.

SAANVI: And what would cause those activations?

DR. FELDMAN: It’s hard to say. It’s not a well-understood area of the brain.

Thomas’ brain scans

He brings up another image.

DR. FELDMAN: But look at this homeless patient in Room 810. He was brought in after accosting people on the street. Agitated, delusional, initial diagnosis of schizophrenia. Here you can see he has similar brain activity, except the red indicates it’s much more pronounced.

Saanvi: Schizophrenia?

SAANVI: So, my, uh, patient is in early stages of schizophrenia?

DR. FELDMAN: I’d need to observe behavior to make a diagnosis. I strongly suggest you have your patient see me for a consultation soon.

SAANVI: I’ll see if I can convince her. Thank you.

What is the significance?

The fact that Thomas was diagnosed as a schizophrenic could be indicative of the dangers of these strange visions and voices or it could merely represent a misinterpretation of the medical community, but hopefully it at least gives Saanvi something to work with.

SOURCE: Michael Ahr (Den of Geek TV)

More wet footprints

After leaving the office, Saanvi is walking down the corridor and notices wet footprints on the floor. She follows them to a closed door.  [DOOR OPENS]

A patient runs out of the room and grabs onto Saanvi.

THOMAS: It was Bethany! Bethany! The flight attendant! Bethany, Bethany!

An orderly gives him a shot in the neck. He falls tot he ground.

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