Pack Rat Ben (104.3)

104.03 SYNOPSIS:  Ben and Grace talk and joke like things are getting a little more normal. He tries to connect with Olive, but she still seems disconnected from him. Grace reassures him it will just take time. .—>

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Ben makes breakfast

Scene switches to the kitchen of the  Stone residence.

GRACE: I cannot believe what I’m seeing. You made breakfast?

BEN: Well, I made something out of eggs. We’ll see how it goes.

They kiss.

GRACE: I’m sure it’s delicious.

BEN: You’re up early.

Grace notices Ben’s scrapbook

Grace notices the magazine that Ben was reading. The cover of the title reads, “MONTEGO AIR MYSTERY: FACES OF FLIGHT 828 — STORIES OF THE PASSENGERS. There is also an article that has been ripped out on CAPTAIN BILL DALY.

GRACE: What, are you scrapbooking?

BEN: You know me. Pack rat.

Ben closes the manila folder that the items were in.

Cal is with his grandpa for the day

GRACE: Oh, by the way, your dad called.

Grace pours a cup of coffee.

GRACE: Apparently, Cal is begging to stay up at the lake with him an extra day. Next treatment’s not till the weekend.

BEN: How many times did Cal want to go up there but was too sick? I’m fine with that if you are.

GRACE: Well means we’ll have the house to ourselves while Olive’s at school.

BEN: I am definitely fine with that.


Ben learns to “speak Olive”

Olive enters the kitchen.

BEN: Hey, you look ready to face the day.

OLIVE: Caffeination.

BEN: Oh, I like your overalls.

GRACE [TO BEN]: Romper.

BEN: What’s the difference?

BEN [TO OLIVE]: Romper, got it. [SIGHS]  So, what are you doing after school?

OLIVE: Grandpa’s giving me driving lessons.

GRACE: Actually, we need to reschedule that. Grandpa’s gonna stay at the lake with Cal an extra day.

OLIVE: Seriously?

BEN: I could do it.

OLIVE: I-I need Grandpa’s car. That’s the one I’ve been practicing on.

BEN: Now you can practice on ours. It’ll be good, right?

OLIVE: [SIGHS] Never mind. It’s fine.

Olive leaves the kitchen with her backpack.

BEN: What did I do?

GRACE: Absolutely nothing. Olive just has a hard time with change, and she’s had a lot of it lately.

BEN: Like suddenly having a dad back in the picture, and one who doesn’t know what a romper is.

GRACE: You are doing fine. Just give it time. You’ll learn to speak Olive.

BEN: Is it mostly this? [SCOFFS]

GRACE: [CHUCKLES] Yeah, it’s it’s mostly that.

They kiss again.

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