Bethesda Fountain (104.24)

104.24 SYNOPSIS:  Bethany, Saanvi and Michaela arrive at the Bethesda Fountain and find Leo who can’t believe that they lost five years and wants to wait for Leo. Bethany explains that everything is true and that a lot has changed, but Leo needs to flee before the government finds them. They take Leo to the boiler room of Kelly’s old mall for safety. .—>

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Saanvi look up at the angel


Scene switches to Bethesda Fountain.

BETHANY: Thomas! Thomas, it’s me.

THOMAS: Bethany!

Saanvi looks up at the angel statue in the center of the fountain.

SAANVI: Oh! Oh, my God! She seemed so real. It’s fascinating.

MICHAELA: Feds are gonna be on our tail. We got to get him out of here.

Thomas looks up at Bethany

THOMAS: When I found my way here, everybody was telling me it was five years later. I thought I was going crazy. Somebody called the cops.

BETHANY: It’s okay. You’re safe now.

MICHAELA: Sorry, guys, but we got to go right now.

THOMAS: No. I cannot go.

SAANVI: You’ve been given massive doses of Haldol. We need to get you somewhere where you can detox.

Applying the Rule of Drama

(At this point in the show, my wife the RN was rather insistent that a patient given haloperidol in therapeutic doses when he doesn’t really need it will not have withdrawal symptoms and will not need detoxed.  I have two responses to that: (1) we in the audience don’t know what other drugs Thomas might have been given, or how those drugs interact, while Saanvi does in-universe, so I think we can trust her judgment, and anyway (2) the Rule of Drama applies.)

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THOMAS: But we cannot leave. Leo is meeting me here.

BETHANY: He’s not coming. I’m so sorry. A lot has happened.

THOMAS: Five years? That is true?

MICHAELA: It is true. The three of us were on the plane, as well. We all lost five years.

BETHANY: I am so sorry, baby. I spoke to my mom. Leo disappeared two years after the plane left.

THOMAS: No. No! – No!

BETHANY: I’m so, so sorry, baby. I’m sorry.

SAANVI: Thomas, we need to get you somewhere safe.

THOMAS: I cannot go! If he is alive

MICHAELA: Thomas, look at me. I am a cop. If your boyfriend is alive, I am gonna help you find him, I promise you that, but right now, we have to go because there are federal agents looking for you, and if they find you, you’ll be arrested as a stowaway.

SAANVI: Not just you. If you’re found, Bethany will go to prison, too, so we have to go right now.

BETHANY: Where? Where can we go?

SAANVI: It has to be somewhere off of Vance’s radar. He is watching all of us.

Thomas is taken to a boiler room

Scene switches to a boiler room.

THOMAS: What is this place?

MICHAELA: It’s a boiler room, or it was. It hasn’t been used in ages.

SAANVI: How’d you find it?

MICHAELA: Kelly owned the building. It’ll be tied up in probate for years.

BETHANY: So basically, no one’s coming down here any time soon?


MICHAELA: Just us.

Michaela looks at her phone. She receives text message from Ben.

TEXT: Where are you?

MICHAELA: And my brother. I’m gonna go get some supplies a cot, some blankets.

SAANVI: And some water with electrolytes. He’s coming off a ton of drugs he didn’t need.

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