Blessing or a Curse? (104.25)

104.25 SYNOPSIS:  Ben is concerned about the callings, and says they cannot always be trusted.—>

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Michaela satisfied with turn out


Scene switches inside Ben’s car. He is driving.

MICHAELA: It worked. We completed the calling.

BEN: Yeah. I’m just not sure that’s a good thing.

MICHAELA: How could it not be? Thomas is safe.

BEN: You’re harboring a fugitive in there. Do you not realize we’re being watched by the government, the media—

MICHAELA:  It’s all worth it.

Ben questions Michaela logic

BEN: Is it? Because it sounds like “the calling” really screwed things up for Jared.

MICHAELA: That was my fault. I got the calling wrong.

BEN: These callings are pulling you in deeper and deeper. And what if the voices are bad? You can’t just follow them blindly.

MICHAELA: I don’t think we have a choice.

The show’s relationships

The dynamic between the brother and sister, like the one between Ben and Grace, is one of the highlights of the show.

SOURCE: Michael Ahr (Den of Geek TV)

The way Michaela interprets the “Callings”

Michaela has always followed the “Callings” obediently and they have helped her solve certain problems that might have caused her mental breakdown. While her brother, Ben, interprets these “Callings” as mere imagination, Michaela believes that it might be the cause of some kind of divine intervention. Growing up in a religious household, Michaela followed her mother’s footsteps in believing in the existence of a supernatural being, and that faith has helped her interpret the “Callings” as a message of redemption.

In case, she moves from her path and commits a sin, then the “Callings” might just become her biggest nightmare. It would be a sin for Michaela who is a religious believer to break the marriage between two people for her selfish purposes…

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