What Do You Want? (104.26)

104.26 SYNOPSIS:  Olive confronts Grace who is still talking to Danny. Jared makes a map of all the locations that Michaela has done something out of the ordinary. Ben and Michaela arrive at the boiler room with supplies for Thomas as he is added to the NSA’s persons of interest list. The episode ends with Michaela standing in front of the Angel of the Waters statue asking “What do you want from me?—>

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Danny, Grace and Olive…

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Scene switches to Stone’s dining room table.

Grace looks at her phone. Danny is texting her.

DANNY: How’s Olive?

GRACE: Still Olive.


Olive enters. Background music begins playing. 

🎵 You bring me ’round 🎵


Jared is at his desk keeping track of Michaela’s unusual happening on a map where he has circled and labeled areas of the city (i.e. “Evie’s mom,” “Pyler sisters”) and now writes “gunshot lie?” circling an area.

🎵 When I’m down 🎵
🎵 You take my breath Away 🎵

Michaela, Bethany and Thomas…

Michaela and Bethany are tending to Thomas in the boiling room who is detoxing from the Hadol while Ben watches. 

🎵 You lift my eyes 🎵
🎵 Through blue skies 🎵


Saanvi is looking at more brain scans.


Director Vance has a photo of Thomas and adds it to the photos of the other persons of interest on Flight 828.

🎵 You make me want To cry 🎵



Michaela having returned alone to Bethesda Fountain, stands before the angel statue.

🎵 You make me feel Alive 🎵

MICHAELA: What do you want from me?

🎵 Ohh, ohh, ohh 🎵

Scene pans above the Angel of the Waters statue with Michaela looking up at it.


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