Exploring Manifest – Ep 4

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Episode 4 – Video Highlights

Spread your wings and prepare to get your feet wet…

Who is Thomas?
Why was Bethany helping him ?
Who is the stone lad?
What is her significance?

01:00 – Medical background to insular cortex

03:45 – the significance of the Angel of the waters

03:52 – the Bethesda Fountain in New York takes inspiration from the Pool of Bethesda in Jerusalem and more specifically from an event called the healing of a paralytic at Bethesda the

04:10 – [At the base of the statue] are four four-foot cherubs representing temperance, purity, health, and peace.

04:16The Croton Aqueduct the first dependable supply of clean water for the city of New York it was and is a symbol of Health and healing powers just like the Pool of Bethesda

04:32 – Could all these passengers be in need of some sort of healing or penance, could these callings be a way to become cleansed?

[COMMENT: Manifest828 to ThinkStory: The four-foot cherubs (described above), therefore, may correspond to the story lines of Harvey (temperance), Michaela (purity), Cal (healing) and Ben (peace)?]

04:50 – The fountain itself also plays a large role in Angels of America, a play which examines aids and homosexuality in 1980s.