Airline Talk (105.1)

105.01 SYNOPSIS: “Connecting Flights” starts off with a glimpse into the other flight. Olive sits with her grandfather voicing her concerns about being away from Cal while Grace confides in her mother-in-law about their marital problems. Olive begs them to wait for the other flight, but when looking at the board the on time status changes to see agent. —>

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On Flight 537


There is a shot of an airplane is flying above the clouds. Inside, a flight attendant walks down aisle of airplane.


PASSENGER 1: No, thank you.

FLIGHT ATTENDANT:  Can I get you anything?

We see Karen Stone sitting next to Grace.

PASSENGER 2: I’m fine.

“April 7, 2013” appears on the screen.

Olive and Steve

We see young Olive Stone sitting next to her grandpa Steve who is reading a newspaper. The flight attendant moves past them and continues down the aisle.

FLIGHT ATTENDANT: What about you, sir?

PASSENGER 3: Could I get a…

FLIGHT ATTENDANT: I’ll be right back.

Olive looks out the window.

STEVE: See anything interesting? No New York yet.

OLIVE: This is the longest I’ve ever been away from Cal.

STEVE: Well, Olive, being a twin is a heck of a special relationship. You always feel connected, no matter where you are.

Character Details

The two actresses playing Olive, Luna Blaise (present day) and Jenna Kurmemaj (ages 10 & 12), do an excellent job of matching their movements and mannerisms to each other.

SOURCE: Baby M at Doux Reviews

Grace and Karen

In another row of the airplane…

KAREN: Did the trip work?

GRACE: I don’t know what you’re— Please.

KAREN: I can spot a marital repair job a mile away.

GRACE: Oh. Ben and I are fine.

KAREN: I know my son. You two haven’t been having many good times lately.

GRACE: We’re too focused on Cal. Getting away from the hospital helped. Maybe we’re turning a corner.

Olive wants to wait for Flight 828

Scene shifts to the baggage return at the airport in New York City.

OLIVE: I want to wait for Cal and Daddy.

GRACE: Oh, no, honey. Let’s go home. We’ll get unpacked first.

STEVE: Honey, you know, I got all kinds of baseball to catch up on.

KAREN: He’s got his baseball. I know you miss your brother, but he’ll be here before you know it.

OLIVE: Please, Grandma?

GRACE: I’m gonna show you something.

Passengers notified to see agent


Scene shifts a few minutes later. Grace and Olive walk up to a screen which shows all the flights.

GRACE: All righty, Ollie Bollie. Flight 828 there. You see?

The display reads that it is not to arrive until 1:40A. It is “On Time” and will be arriving at gate C8.

GRACE: It’s not gonna arrive for another few hours. It’s too long to wait.

As they are looking at it, the arrive time switches to a red box marked, “See Agent.”

OLIVE: “See Agent”? What’s that mean?

GRACE: That’s just airline talk, honey.

Grace looks worried. Camera also shows us the faces  of Karen and Steve who also have a worry look.

INTERCOM: For passengers on Montego Air Flight 828, please see an agent.


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