Coney Island (105.10)

105.10 SYNOPSIS: At Coney Island, Ben and Cal enjoy everything the carnival has to offer. They decide to continue the coin flip decision making that results in them heading to the subway to get home.—>

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Cotton candy

Scene shifts to Coney Island. Ben and Cal are walking past the Wonder Wheel ride. Cal has cotton candy in his hands; Ben, a box of popcorn. 

BEN and CAL Masters! Masters!

CAL: What is cotton candy?

BEN: You know what? That’s a very good question. I have no idea.

Basketball hoops

A short time later. They are throwing basketballs at hoops.

CAL: I suck at this.

BEN: Everybody does. It’s impossible. LeBron couldn’t even sink a shot. Hey, come on. You wanna master your own destiny? Come on.



They are now playing whack-a-mole.

CAL: Way better.

BEN: It always is during the day.


CAL: Yeah!

BEN: Hey!

CAL: That one!

Cal points to a prize.

GAME ATTENDANT: Here you go.

Cal ties the small stuffed animal around his neck.

Ben flips a coin

BEN: That’s a good one. All right, let’s flip for lunch. Heads, Nathan’s. Tails, pizza.

Ben flips a coin.

BEN and CAL: Pizza! Pizza!

They are now seated at an outdoor table eating pizza.

CAL: We go on another ride, I’ll yak.

BEN: You and me both. Let’s go home.

Ben hears a voice

VOICE [INSIDE BEN’S HEAD]:  It’s all connected.

Ben pauses.

Cal flips a coin

BEN: But only if the coin says so.

CAL: Yeah.

Ben hands a coin to his son.

BEN: Go for it.

CAL: Heads we hit the subway. Tails we stay.

He flips the coin.

CAL: Home. Train’s right over there.

BEN: Shouldn’t we just take a Lyft? Come on, dad.

CAL: Keep it random. Now let’s go. I hear the train.

Ben look at the coin, and decides to follow Cal.

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