First Kiss (105.12)

105.12 SYNOPSIS: Flashback to two years after the disappearance when Jared has been promoted to Detective. Lourdes tells him to jump out of his comfort zone and live a little prompting him to kiss her.—>

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Jared’s promotion

During scene in which Michaela is speaking with Lourdes about Jared, Lourdes has a flashback about Jared.


Jared is sitting at a bar having a drink when Lourdes approaches him. On the screen we read, “TWO YEARS AFTER DISAPPEARANCE”. 

LOURDES: I am so sorry I missed your promotion ceremony. Don’t hate me.

JARED: Never. Cheers.

LOURDES: Cheers.

JARED: Let me see your bling.

Jared shows her his badge.

JARED: I still keep expecting them to take it back, say it was all a mistake.

LOURDES: Please. You totally deserve this. You work your ass off. And you basically have no life.

JARED: Excuse me, but I have a life.


JARED: Yeah. I go to the gym.

LOURDES: Mm-hmm.

JARED: I work on my car. I –

LOURDES: Yeah, boring. You need adventure. Surfing, sky diving, anything. Get out of your comfort zone.

JARED: I don’t know.


Jared and Lourdes’ first kiss

They look at each other, smile and kiss. In the background we hear music playing.

🎵 My friends and family,🎵
🎵 They don’t understand 🎵

LOURDES: That was out of your comfort zone.

JARED: Yeah, that was crazy. Sorry.

LOURDES: Are you?

JARED: Not at all.

LOURDES: Me, either.

They kiss two more times.

🎵 Give me one reason, 🎵
🎵 Why I should never change, 🎵


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