Meatloaf Dinner (105.13)

105.13 SYNOPSIS: At the house, Olive is furious that Grace is bringing Danny, her “friend,” over for dinner. He offers to come back another time when they are comfortable, but Grace says she’s ready now and wants him to stay. With Grace in the other room, Danny opens up to Olive, but she gets defensive about Cal and storms off.—>

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Olive’s shuts Danny out


Scene shifts to Grace’s house. Like Lourdes’ flashback this time jump is two years after the plane’s disappearance.

OLIVE: Mom, I’m not hugging him.

GRACE: Okay, fine. Just please be polite. Danny is my friend.

OLIVE: He’s not your friend. He’s your boyfriend. I’m 12, not an idiot.

Doorbell rings.

OLIVE: Guess you better answer that.

GRACE: Yep, guess I better.

Grace opens  front door.

Grace invites Danny in

DANNY: Olive sounds happy.

GRACE: Sorry. It’s my fault. I think two years is still too soon.

DANNY: Stop. It’s not your fault. Or hers. Look, I’ll go, okay? We’ll try again another time.

GRACE: No. Uh. It’s taken me a long time to be ready for this. But you’ve been good for me, and I think you would be good for her, too, if she’d let you. So, stay. Please. I made meatloaf.

DANNY: Ahh. Now there’s an offer I can’t refuse.

Danny acknowledges Grace

The scene skips to near the end of dinner.

GUESS: So, who would like seconds?

DANNY: Mm, well, my trainer would want me to say no, but, uh, I can’t.

Grace takes Danny’s plate, and leaves the table.

DANNY: Thanks.

He then looks at Olive.

DANNY: So, you don’t like your mom’s cooking, huh?  Want to know a secret? I don’t like meatloaf, either.

OLIVE: Then why’d you ask for seconds?

DANNY: I’m just being polite. It’s kind of customary when people like each other.

Danny acknowledges Olive

Olive just stares at him.

DANNY: Tough room. [PAUSE]  Come on, Olive. Help me figure this out. If you hate meatloaf and I hate meatloaf, then why is your mom making meatloaf?

OLIVE: She thinks it’s my favorite, but she’s wrong. It’s not. It’s… [PAUSE]


She nods her head.

DANNY: Hmm. Oh, sweetie. You must miss your brother so much.

OLIVE: He’s not dead. He’s just lost.

She get up, and starts to leave.

OLIVE: And some day, when I grow up, I’m gonna find him.

Grace returns from the kitchen.

GRACE: Olive! Come back here.


DANNY: It’s all right. Let her go.

GRACE: I’m sorry.

DANNY: Hey, more meatloaf for me.


Danny takes a bite of meatloaf.

DANNY: Mm. It’s It’s really good. It’s delicious. So good.

Olive observes from a distance.


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3 thoughts on “Meatloaf Dinner (105.13)

  1. In reference to serving more meatloaf, Grace asked, “So, who would like seconds?” Danny immediately replies, “Mm, well, my trainer would want me to say no, but, uh, I can’t.”

    Does Danny really have a personal trainer? Or was he simply lying … again? Just like he initially lied to Grace about not being able to refuse meatloaf (which he doesn’t like) whenever it’s offered.

  2. I think Danny is behind all of this somehow! I don’t think it was a coincidence that he met Grace, I think he is involved with what happened to the plane

  3. Danny said to Olive:

    “So, you don’t like your mom’s cooking, huh? Want to know a secret? I don’t like meatloaf, either.”

    And Danny followed with:

    “I’m just being polite. It’s kind of customary when people like each other.”

    So, Danny, as you have matter-of-factly stated, it’s customary to lie when people like each other. Does this mean that your entire relationship with Grace and Olive is built on politeness, anchored by lies?

    Grace believed you, when showed up at her house unannounced, not knowing if Ben was home or not, arguing that: “It’s not about me and you, Grace. It’s about Olive.”

    Although Grace said, “You can’t be here,” she was more than happy to see you, and habitually welcomed you in with a cup of coffee.”

    Olive told you that: “she never wanted to climb Acadia or anything, and that the only reason she trained so hard was that she likes spending time with you.”

    Grace believes every lie you tell her. And Olive’s willing to lie to please you. You’re right, Danny. Apparently, the polite use of lies is customary in your world. Especially, when it comes to the two people who passionately like you.

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