Cal Leads Ben (105.14)

105.14 SYNOPSIS: On the subway, Ben continues to hear the voice as people take photos of them. Cal decides to jump off the train and be a master of his own destiny goading Ben to chase after him. He manages to slip away before saying the voice’s words: It’s all connected.—>

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In the subway

Scene shifts to Ben and Cal on the subway.

VOICE [INSIDE BEN’S HEAD]: It’s all connected.

In the background we hear “Next stop Columbus Circle, 59th Street, 7th Avenue stop.”

SUBWAY RIDER 1: Hey, it’s the guy from the airport.

People are taking pictures.

SUBWAY RIDER 2: Hey, Mr. Flight 828. What’s up?

SUBWAY RIDER 3: Hey, 828.

The subway stops and the door opens.

SUBWAY RIDER 4: Can we get a selfie?

BEN: Come on, guys. It’s my kid here.

Out the door

Cal sees his son leave through the door. 

BEN: Hey, hey! Cal, Cal! Buddy.

Cal stops and turns around.

BEN: It’s not our stop. We’re still in Manhattan.

CAL: It’s part of the game, Dad. This way. Follow me.

He takes off running.

Up and down stairs

BEN: Cal! No, Cal, stop! Cal! Cal, wait up!

CAL: Take the first left.

BEN: Oh! No, Cal, slow down! Cal, stop!

CAL: Come on, Dad! Masters of our own destiny!

Through a chained gate


Cal slips through a secured with a chain and lock.

BEN: Game over, Cal! We’re going home!

CAL: No way! This is too much fun!

BEN: Cal, stop!

CAL: Don’t worry, Dad. It’s all connected!

BEN: Cal!

He runs down another set of stairs out of sight.

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