Under Arrest! (105.15)

105.15 SYNOPSIS: As Bethany plans to leave, she’s kisses Georgia, her wife, and is arrested by Director Vance for helping Thomas escape from the hospital. —>

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Bethany leaves with a kiss

Scene shifts to the sidewalk in a residential neighborhood. Bethany is saying goodbye to a woman (who is later identified as her wife.)

BETHANY: Tell me I’m doing the right thing.

GEORGIA: You’re doing the right thing.

They kiss.

GEORGIA: Do what you gotta do and hurry back.


GEORGIA: And take the E-ZPass out of the car. Pay cash for everything. Don’t leave a paper trail.

BETHANY Easy, babe. I’ll be safe. See you Monday.


They embrace as a black SUV drives up and comes to an abrupt stop.


Vance enters with a badge


Director Vance steps out of the car and flashes his badge.

VANCE: Bethany Collins, you’re under arrest.

GEORGIA: What’s happening?

BETHANY: What? What happened?

GEORGIA: No, wait, I’m sorry what is going on?

Director Vance grabs Bethany and escorts her to the vehicle.

BETHANY: What is this about?

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