Blown Away (105.16)

105.16 SYNOPSIS: Ben continues to chase Cal through an abandoned subway platform, and through a grate in the wall that leads him to Thomas. Cal introduces himself and says Thomas’ name even though they’ve never met. Ben questions how Cal could have known.  —>

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Through a restricted area

Scene returns to an abandoned subway area beneath the streets of Manhattan where Ben continues to chase his son.

BEN: Cal! Cal, I said stop!

Ben looks into an air duct grate in the wall.

BEN: No! No, no, no, no, no! Don’t open that! Cal! Cal! Cal, wait! Cal! Uh.

Into an air duct

Cal opens and enters the grate. Ben follows, hitting his head on top of the duct. On the other end Cal jumps out onto a bale of cardboard into a boiler room where a man is standing. 

CAL: Hi. I’m Cal.

Ben now also enters the room out of the air duct through the grate.

Into the boiler room

CAL: You’re Thomas?

Ben is shocked at what he sees and hears.


Ben is shocked

Ben hugs his son.

BEN: How did you know his name?

CAL: I-I didn’t. It just came to me.

BEN: Cal, you you led us here. How did you find out about this place?

CAL: I don’t even know what this place is. I was just being random.

BEN: But you said, “It’s all connected.”

CAL: Because it is. All the tunnels in the subway, they come together.

BEN: Okay, okay, but did you hear something in in your head? Like a voice?

CAL: A voice? What are you talking about?

Ben gets heated

Ben becomes impatient, and starts yelling.

BEN: Cal, you must have known this place was down here.

THOMAS: Hey, easy on the boy, now.

Ben backs off, tapping Cal on the shoulder.

THOMAS [TO CAL]: You play chess?

CAL: A little. Not too good. Well, practice, and you’ll get better.

THOMAS: Set it up. We can play.

Cal takes a chess set from Ben and begins setting it up.

BEN: Thank you. I-I didn’t mean to snap at him. I’m just—

THOMAS: Blown away?

BEN: Yeah, that’s that’s an understatement.

THOMAS: Let’s talk.

They go behind a boiler tank away from Cal.

BEN: One minute we’re on the subway. The next minute, I’m chasing Cal, no sense of direction. But somehow, he brought us here

THOMAS: Look. I know you don’t want to be involved—

BEN: No, that-that was before. Everything’s changed now.

He looks over at Cal taking chess pieces out of the box Thomas gave him.

BEN: I thought you were leaving with Bethany.

THOMAS: So did I, but Bethany leave and never come back. It’s been hours.

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