For the Sake of Thomas (105.19)

105.19 SYNOPSIS: Director Vance interrogates Bethany about who Thomas is, his current whereabouts and threatens her freedom.—>

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Bethany’s affirmation

Scene switches to an office at NSA headquarters.

VANCE: Who is this man?

Vance shows Bethany a picture of Thomas.

BETHANY: I have no idea.

VANCE: I find that hard to believe given his fingerprints were all over your cargo hold, and you had unrestricted access.

BETHANY: I don’t know anything about that.

VANCE: Also, hard to believe seeing as he disappeared from the hospital at the exact same time you were there.

Vance’s appeal

He shows her the surveillance photo of her at the hospital.

VANCE: Think carefully, Ms. Collins. An unidentified man with uncontrolled access to that aircraft might be responsible for what happened to Flight 828. Are you sure you want to protect him?

BETHANY: What I want is a lawyer.

VANCE: Good idea. They’ll explain you’re facing hefty jail time.

BETHANY: I have nothing more to say.

VANCE: Then just listen before you throw away a one-time opportunity. Tell us what you know. Help us apprehend this fugitive. I’ll cut you a deal. You can go home to your wife.

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