Flight 828 Missing (105.2)

105.02 SYNOPSIS: Jared is with Lourdes, paranoid that Michaela plans to turn down his proposal when he receives a call from her parents. They hope that maybe his badge will get them a little more info about what’s going on with Flight 828, but they are left with more questions than answers.—>

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Jared waits for Michaela’s “Yes”


Scene switches to a restaurant where Jared and Lourdes are at a table.

JARED I know it’s gonna be bad news.

LOURDES:  Jared, stop.

JARED: I should have never proposed so soon after the accident. I mean, she’s not ready. Now she’s gonna get off that plane and turn me down.

LOURDES: No. She’s gonna get off that plane and say yes.

JARED: Are you sure? –

LOURDES: Please. We’ve been friends since forever. I’m so totally psychic.

Jared gets call from Grace

Jared’s phone rings. He looks at it.

LOURDES: Michaela am I right?

JARED: No, it’s Grace. Hello? [PAUSE] W-What’s wrong?

Jared arrives at airport

Scene switches to the airport. 

JARED: Excuse me. NYPD, coming through.

LOURDES: Thank you.

Not far from them are Grandma and Grandpa Stone.

KAREN:  Not both of them.

STEVE They’re- They’re- They’re gonna

KAREN: Dear God, not both my babies.

STEVE: They’re gonna find them, Kar—.

Jared and Lourdes approach

JARED: What’s going on?

STEVE: Grace is over there, looking for answers. Maybe your badge will help.

As Jared walks away, Karen starts to pray.

KAREN: Our Father who art in heaven. Hallowed be thy name. Thy Kingdom come, thy will be done…

Grace wants answers

AIRLINE SPOKESMAN: There’s a search operation in progress.

MAN: Now, that’s the official answer. Tell us what’s really going on.

AIRLINE SPOKESMAN: That’s all the information I have at this time. We’re doing all we can.

GRACE: But what are you doing? Who’s looking for my family?

AIRLINE SPOKESMAN: Ma’am, you need to calm down.

GRACE: The hell I do! My family’s on that plane.

She hangs tightly onto Olive who has her arms wrapped around her mom. 

LOURDES [TO JARED]: Olive shouldn’t be hearing this.

She walks up to Grace and Olive.

LOURDES: Hey, O! How was Jamaica? Come tell Auntie…

GRACE [TO JARED]: Oh, my God. I should have said no. I should have made him stay on our flight. We’d all be together now. Cal would be here now.

JARED: I thought you said they were bumped.

GRACE: No, they volunteered for $400, and now my son is missing. Oh, my God.

JARED She didn’t want to come back?

Karen holds Olive tightly to her chest.

OLIVE: I want my dad! – I want my dad!

KAREN: I know.


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