Flight 828 Missing (105.2)

105.02 SYNOPSIS: Jared is with Lourdes, paranoid that Michaela plans to turn down his proposal when he receives a call from her parents. They hope that maybe his badge will get them a little more info about what’s going on with Flight 828, but they are left with more questions than answers.—>

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Jared waits for Michaela’s “Yes”


Scene switches to a restaurant where Jared and Lourdes are at a table.

JARED I know it’s gonna be bad news.

LOURDES:  Jared, stop.

JARED: I should have never proposed so soon after the accident. I mean, she’s not ready. Now she’s gonna get off that plane and turn me down.

LOURDES: No. She’s gonna get off that plane and say yes.

JARED: Are you sure? –

LOURDES: Please. We’ve been friends since forever. I’m so totally psychic.

Jared gets call from Grace

Jared’s phone rings. He looks at it.

LOURDES: Michaela am I right?

JARED: No, it’s Grace. Hello? [PAUSE] W-What’s wrong?

Jared arrives at airport

Scene switches to the airport. 

JARED: Excuse me. NYPD, coming through.

LOURDES: Thank you.

Not far from them are Grandma and Grandpa Stone.

KAREN Not both of them.

STEVE They’re- They’re- They’re gonna

KAREN: Dear God, not both my babies.

STEVE: They’re gonna find them, Kar—.

Jared and Lourdes approach

JARED: What’s going on?

STEVE: Grace is over there, looking for answers. Maybe your badge will help.

As Jared walks away, Karen starts to pray.

KAREN: Our Father who art in heaven. Hallowed be thy name. Thy Kingdom come, thy will be done…

Grace wants answers

AIRLINE SPOKESMAN: There’s a search operation in progress.

MAN: Now, that’s the official answer. Tell us what’s really going on.

AIRLINE SPOKESMAN: That’s all the information I have at this time. We’re doing all we can.

GRACE: But what are you doing? Who’s looking for my family?

AIRLINE SPOKESMAN: Ma’am, you need to calm down.

GRACE: The hell I do! My family’s on that plane.

She hangs tightly onto Olive who has her arms wrapped around her mom. 

LOURDES [TO JARED]: Olive shouldn’t be hearing this.

She walks up to Grace and Olive.

LOURDES: Hey, O! How was Jamaica? Come tell Auntie…

GRACE [TO JARED]: Oh, my God. I should have said no. I should have made him stay on our flight. We’d all be together now. Cal would be here now.

JARED: I thought you said they were bumped.

GRACE: No, they volunteered for $400, and now my son is missing. Oh, my God.

JARED She didn’t want to come back?

Karen holds Olive tightly to her chest.

OLIVE: I want my dad! – I want my dad!

KAREN: I know.


Character Details

There was some nice attention to character detail in this sequence: Karen saying an Our Father, Jared using his NYPD badge to get past the yellow tape so he can try to get more information for Steve and Karen, Kelly’s husband browbeating the poor airline representative tasked with the thankless job of delivering the bad news.

SOURCE: Baby M at Doux Reviews

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