For the Sake of Michaela (105.20)

105.20 SYNOPSIS: Jared sits down with a disciplinary committee that is investigating the busted ATF sting. Michael stands his ground and insists that Michaela heard a gun shot. —>

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Jared’s affirmation

Scene switches to a room at the police station. Two men are sitting across a table from him. 

JARED I heard a gunshot. Thought our undercover was in jeopardy, so I made the call to go in.

CDIU AGENT 1: The undercover said no shots were fired until after you burst in. You blew his entire operation.

JARED: It was chaotic. There was a lot going on. He could have easily just mixed up his timeline.

CDIU AGENT 2: Or maybe you were confused.

JARED: I’m confident in my testimony.

CDIU’s appeal

CDIU AGENT 2: Your career’s on the line here, Vasquez. We’re trying to help out, so one last time would you like to change anything in your statement?

JARED: I stand by everything I’ve said.

CDIU AGENT 1: Very well, Detective. Sit tight.

The two men leave the room.

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