For the Sake of Olive (105.21)

105.21 SYNOPSIS: Danny shows up at Grace’s house and while she thinks it’s about her, he states it’s about Olive. He reveals he can survive losing Grace, because he’s lost a partner before, but he doesn’t know if he could survive losing Olive. Grace confronts Olive about not looking out for her as Olive reveals she sees both Ben and Danny as her dads.—>

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Grace‘s affirmation

Scene switches to the Stone’s house where Grace opens the front door.

GRACE: Danny. You can’t be here.

DANNY: You don’t give me any option. You ignore my texts, then say you’re busy at work. I called. They said you took the day off.

GRACE: Danny, I told you I’m trying to rebuild my marriage.

Danny’s appeal

DANNY: This isn’t about you and me, Grace. This is about Olive.

A few moments later they are in the kitchen, and Grace gives him a cup of coffee.

DANNY: Ten days ago, I practically lived here. We were a family.

GRACE: Danny, please, don’t.

DANNY: Just Just listen. When I got to Bluemercury, Olive said store security told her to call her dad. She dialed me. She felt guilty that she’d reached out to me and not Ben. I I know I’m not her real dad…

Grace nods her head.

DANNY: …but for three years, I was all she had. When I lost Nina, I thought I’d I’d be alone forever. And then I found you. So I know I’ll survive losing you but I’m not sure I know how to get over losing that amazing kid.

GRACE: It sounds like she feels the same way about you.

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