Ten days pay (105.22)

105.22 SYNOPSIS: The investigation committee decides to strip him of 10 days pay. He walks out to find Director Vance waiting, and expecting Jared now, in turn, to help him by keeping an eye on Michaela and reporting back to him. Jared then meets up with Michaela at the bar to confide in her, but she doesn’t speak her mind.—>

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Jared off the hook

Scene switches back to office where Jared is being investigated. The two men reenter the room. 

CDIU AGENT 1: Detective Vasquez, you’re stripped of 10 days’ pay.

Jared stands up.

JARED: That’s it? Have a nice day, fellas.

Jared back on a hook


He leaves room and enters the hallway. When he turns the corner he sees Director Vance sitting in the hall waiting for him.

JARED: I knew someone must have saved my ass. What do you want?

VANCE: You’re more valuable to me inside that precinct than off the job forever.

JARED: You want information about Michaela.

VANCE: I knew you were a smart man. You’ll tell me what she does, where she goes, who she talks to all of it.


Vance scoffs, and walks away.

Jared keeps his distance

The scene then switches to a bar, where Michaela finds him.

MICHAELA: If you needed a double to get over it, I’m guessing the hearing didn’t go that well.

JARED: I only got docked 10 days’ pay.

MICHAELA: That’s it? Jared.

Jared does not look at her. Instead, he’s staring at his drink.

MICHAELA: You standing up for me meant a lot. It made me realize that I want—

Jared still does not look at her.

JARED: Look, if you don’t mind, I’m kind of done thinking about the hearing.

He briefly looks at her.

MICHAELA: I should go.

JARED: Yeah, of course.

Jared walks away, leaving Michaela at the bar. 

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