Cal’s End Game (105.23)

105.23 SYNOPSIS: Ben questions how Cal could have known where this place was and starts to get a bit angry. Thomas diffuses the situation and lets Ben talk to him about his concerns. He asks why Bethany isn’t there and Thomas proclaims she never showed up. —>

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Ben gives Thomas money


Scene switches to the boiler room where Thomas is packing. Ben hands him back the chess set he loaned to Cal

BEN: I don’t know how far it’ll take you, but that’s all I got.

He hands Thomas some money.

THOMAS: Thanks. If you hadn’t come back—

Cal comes running up and interrupts.

CAL: Dad. We need to go.

BEN: All right, in a minute, buddy.

BEN [TO THOMAS]: I better get him home. Wait until after midnight once the crowds thin out. That’ll-That’ll be safest.

Cal senses someone is at door

Cal looks at the door.

CAL: Need to go now, Dad! –

BEN: Cal

VOICE [INSIDE BEN’S HEAD]: It’s all connected.

CAL Dad, come on. Come on, Dad! Let’s go!

BEN: Cal, wait. What is it? Why do we have to go?

CAL: Someone’s coming.

Someone starts pounding on the door.


Cal senses that person is a friend

THOMAS: Go, it’s me they want. Get your son to safety.

BEN: Good luck.

Ben grabs his son’s hand and heads toward the air duct grate on the wall.

BEN [TO CAL]: All right, buddy. Time to go.

Pounding on the door continues.

CAL: Wait. Wait. I think she’s a friend.

Cal runs to the door. Ben looks at Thomas.

THOMAS: He brought you this far.

BEN: Wait! Wait!

GEORGIA: Hello? Hello? Anyone there?

BEN: Who is it?

GEORGIA: Georgia, Bethany’s wife.

Is young Cal the ultimate clue?

[Cal] is the only one who suddenly acquired clairsensitive powers through which he has been able to predict incidents and tell other people’s emotions with the same recurring intensity.
SOURCE: Barnana Sarkar (

Ben meets Bethany’s wife

Ben opens the door.


BEN: Hi.

Georgia then sees Thomas.

GEORGIA: Oh, thank God I found you. Bethany was arrested on her way back here.

THOMAS: Arrested? By whom?

GEORGIA: Some guy Vance from the NSA.

BEN: Are you positive you weren’t followed?

GEORGIA: I took the service exit out of our building. Drove around in circles.
We need to get on the road.

THOMAS: I don’t want to cause no more trouble.

GEORGIA: It’s no trouble. I know the plan, and I know that Beth would want me to make sure you were safe.

THOMAS [TO CAL]: Keep practicing your end game, little man.

CAL: Bye, Thomas.

Thomas leaves with Georgia.

BEN: How did you know she was a friend? I don’t know.

CAL: Just a feeling. I’m really tired. Can we go home?

BEN: Yeah, buddy. Let’s go home. Your mom’s probably wondering where we are.

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One thought on “Cal’s End Game (105.23)

  1. Bethany’s wife Georgia went out of her way to help Thomas. Ben had no choice but to help Thomas. Cal politely (silently and indirectly) insisted that Ben help Thomas.

    Thomas told Cal to practice working on his endgame. What exactly is Cal’s endgame? And how does Thomas fit into the game Cal’s playing? When it comes to maintaining focus, Cal seems to have a short attention span when it comes to staying on task?

    Is Thomas a pawn in Cal’s endgame? Or is Cal involved in a game that he alone can’t win?

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