Cal’s End Game (105.23)

105.23 SYNOPSIS: Ben questions how Cal could have known where this place was and starts to get a bit angry. Thomas diffuses the situation and lets Ben talk to him about his concerns. He asks why Bethany isn’t there and Thomas proclaims she never showed up. —>

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Ben gives Thomas money


Scene switches to the boiler room where Thomas is packing. Ben hands him back the chess set he loaned to Cal

BEN: I don’t know how far it’ll take you, but that’s all I got.

He hands Thomas some money.

THOMAS: Thanks. If you hadn’t come back—

Cal comes running up and interrupts.

CAL: Dad. We need to go.

BEN: All right, in a minute, buddy.

BEN [TO THOMAS]: I better get him home. Wait until after midnight once the crowds thin out. That’ll-That’ll be safest.

Cal senses someone is at door

Cal looks at the door.

CAL: Need to go now, Dad! –

BEN: Cal

VOICE [INSIDE BEN’S HEAD]: It’s all connected.

CAL Dad, come on. Come on, Dad! Let’s go!

BEN: Cal, wait. What is it? Why do we have to go?

CAL: Someone’s coming.

Someone starts pounding on the door.


Cal senses that person is a friend

THOMAS: Go, it’s me they want. Get your son to safety.

BEN: Good luck.

Ben grabs his son’s hand and heads toward the air duct grate on the wall.

BEN [TO CAL]: All right, buddy. Time to go.

Pounding on the door continues.

CAL: Wait. Wait. I think she’s a friend.

Cal runs to the door. Ben looks at Thomas.

THOMAS: He brought you this far.

BEN: Wait! Wait!

GEORGIA: Hello? Hello? Anyone there?

BEN: Who is it?

GEORGIA: Georgia, Bethany’s wife.

Is young Cal the ultimate clue?

[Cal] is the only one who suddenly acquired clairsensitive powers through which he has been able to predict incidents and tell other people’s emotions with the same recurring intensity.
SOURCE: Barnana Sarkar (

Ben meets Bethany’s wife

Ben opens the door.


BEN: Hi.

Georgia then sees Thomas.

GEORGIA: Oh, thank God I found you. Bethany was arrested on her way back here.

THOMAS: Arrested? By whom?

GEORGIA: Some guy Vance from the NSA.

BEN: Are you positive you weren’t followed?

GEORGIA: I took the service exit out of our building. Drove around in circles.
We need to get on the road.

THOMAS: I don’t want to cause no more trouble.

GEORGIA: It’s no trouble. I know the plan, and I know that Beth would want me to make sure you were safe.

THOMAS [TO CAL]: Keep practicing your end game, little man.

CAL: Bye, Thomas.

Thomas leaves with Georgia.

BEN: How did you know she was a friend? I don’t know.

CAL: Just a feeling. I’m really tired. Can we go home?

BEN: Yeah, buddy. Let’s go home. Your mom’s probably wondering where we are.

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