Lourdes’ Insecurity (105.24)

105.24 SYNOPSIS: Jared arrives at home where Lourdes talks about Michaela and work to him. She is curious why he isn’t talking to her about the problems at work and about him taking the bullet for Michaela. She questions if there’s something going on, but he says everything is good.—>

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Lourdes confronts Jared

Scene switches to living room where Lourdes is sitting in a chair. Jared returns from work.



Jared greets his wife with a kiss. 

JARED: What’s wrong?

LOURDES: Michaela stopped by earlier. She said you’re in trouble at work.

JARED: It was just a minor flare-up. Everything’s under control. She shouldn’t have worried you.

LOURDES: What worried me is hearing about it from Michaela instead of you. You risked your job to protect her?

JARED: My job was never in danger.

Lourdes is not to sure what to believe

LOURDES: You’ve never hidden anything from me before.

JARED: Are you mad that I protected her?

LOURDES: She’s my best friend, our best friend. And, look I love that you stick up for her. But tell me that’s the only reason.

JARED: I feel bad for Michaela. Everything’s been a mess for her since the day that plane landed.

LOURDES: And that’s it?

JARED: That’s it.

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