Day of Return (105.25)

105.25 SYNOPSIS: Flashback to the day they return, when Jared is in disbelief that the plane has returned. Grace stands over a TV in shock at the news as Danny enters and proclaims that he’s going to go.—>

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Jared and Lourdes


Scene switches to “November 4, 2018—The Day of Return,” as Lourdes enters her front door carrying a bottle of wine.

LOURDES: Hey, babe. You know what today is? Don’t tell me you forgot our three-year “first-kiss-aversary”.

She notices something not right about Jared.

LOURDES: Jared, what’s wrong?

JARED: It’s back.

LOURDES: What is?

JARED: The plane. Michaela’s back.


Grace, Danny and Olive


Scene switches to Grace’s house. 

REPORTER ON TV: And now more on our continuing coverage of the miracle of Flight 828, landing 5 1/2 years after it went missing. The 191 passengers will return to a world that gave them up for dead. Among these recipients of a miraculous second chance is eminent scholar and professor Dr. Fiona Clarke.

As she watches the TV coverage, Danny comes down the steps.

DANNY: Um, I’m gonna go.

GRACE: Y-Yeah.

We hear footsteps, and then see Olive. She hugs Danny. Then they all embrace.


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