Spider Web (105.27)

105.27 SYNOPSIS: Michaela finds Ben in his garage where he’s creating an information board about everything revolving around Flight 828 stating that they might have a voice in their head, but Cal has something different.—>

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Bulletin Board


Scene switches to the Ben’s garage.

BEN: How’s Jared?

MICHAELA: Problem solved. I told you I’d take care of it.

Michaela sees a bulletin board depicting seat assignments and information about the passengers of Flight 828. There are pieces of yarn connecting photos of passengers to their seats.


BEN: Yeah. My head’s spinning. I just needed to see it all clearly.

The camera zooms in and pans on photos of Kelly, Bethany & Thomas, Captain Daly and planes planned flight path, an unidentified passenger, Radd (and his music calling, with a note about other callings), Cal (with a note about other illnesses possibly being cured), Ben and Michaela.

MICHAELA: This is a lot of work for a guy who said this morning he wanted nothing to do with the plane, the passengers, the callings.

BEN: I tried to break away. But Cal brought me back.

MICHAELA: Is he having callings?

BEN: He says he’s not hearing voices, but he knows things he shouldn’t, senses things before they happen. It’s not like with us. He’s He’s different. [PAUSE] I can’t walk away now.


Ben and Michaela stare at all the information on the bulletin board.

MICHAELA: It’s like a giant spider web.

BEN: And we’re all trapped in it.

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