In the Boiler Room (105.3)

105.03 SYNOPSIS: Ben questions what helping Thomas would mean to their safety. He doesn’t want to risk losing more time and Bethany suggests she take Thomas to a remote cabin up north because this isn’t everyone else’s problem. While Ben is onboard, Michaela feels obligated to help, but as he storms out he’s stopped by the voice saying It’s all connected. —>

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Ben objects to his family helping a fugitive

Scene shifts to the boiler room where Thomas is hiding.

BEN: This is a huge mess. You’re in the U.S. illegally, and Bethany broke what six federal laws smuggling you onto that plane?

BETHANY: And proud of it. You think I should have left him there to become a victim of a hate crime in Jamaica?

BEN: No, but now Vance is searching for him, and your choice has put us all in jeopardy. I am not going to jail and missing another five years with my family.

Ben acknowledges Bethany’s role

THOMAS: I’m grateful for all your help, but I can’t ask you to endanger your families. I’ll leave.

MICHAELA: No, no, it’s too late. The NSA will find evidence at the hospital linking us to your escape. Besides, I’m supposed to help you. We all are.

BETHANY: Not all of us. Just me. Like your brother said, this was my choice.

Ben nods his head in agreement.

BETHANY: I’ve got a cabin upstate. We can go—

MICHAELA: Vance will find you.

BETHANY: It’s a friend’s cabin. He can’t trace it to me. Besides, the place is in the middle of nowhere. I just need to grab some supplies and the keys.

BEN: That sounds great. Good luck.

When Ben starts to leave, Michaela runs after him. 

Ben and Michaela discuss the callings

MICHAELA: Hey! You can’t just blow them off.

BEN: I know you believe some mystical force is binding us to each other, but these callings are dangerous.

MICHAELA: You don’t know that.

BEN: Really? Jared’s career is on the line because you listened to some voice in your head.

MICHAELA: I misunderstood the message.

BEN: Or something is screwing with us.

MICHAELA: I don’t believe that. And I will find a way to save Jared’s job.

BEN: Go ahead, sabotage your life, but don’t ask me to blow up mine.

He starts walking away. 

Ben hears a voice

VOICE [INSIDE BEN’S HEAD]: It’s all connected.

He suddenly stops walking.

MICHAELA: You just heard something. Hey! Tell me what it said.

BEN: There’s nothing some creepy voice can say that is worth risking my family’s safety.

MICHAELA: I know two kidnapped girls who would disagree.

BEN: Don’t blackmail me, Mick. Grace and the kids come first. I’m going home.

He continues walking toward the door.

Ben walks away


MICHAELA: You can’t just walk away from this.

Ben turns and looks at his sister.

BEN: Watch me.

We hear the door open and closes shut.

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