In an NSA office (105.4)

105.04 SYNOPSIS: Director Vance goes over what information they have regarding their “John Doe” as finding him is a matter of national security. They discover Bethany may have ties to him and decide finding her is their top priority.—>

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The unidentified

Scene switches to a government office. Director Vance is looking at a photo of Thomas and throws it on the table.

VANCE: [SIGHS] Sitrep. Now.

AGENT 1: John Doe isn’t on the manifest, but fingerprints in the cargo hold are conclusive – he was on that plane.

VANCE: And yet, those fingerprints have so far failed to identify him.

AGENT 1: We’re reaching out to Interpol, casting a wider net.

VANCE: Any intel on how he avoided arrest at the hospital?

AGENT 2: Nothing at this time

VANCE: I want verified information now. Who is he? Where is he? Does he have accomplices? If so, are they passengers? I shouldn’t have to tell anyone in this room finding John Doe is a matter of national security.

The identified

The door to the office opens.

DEPUTY POWELL: He had help. From a passenger.

VANCE: Bethany Collins. The flight attendant was at the hospital.

DEPUTY POWELL: So was Saanvi Bahl. She works there, could be a coincidence.

VANCE: Not when one of them has access to the cargo hold. I want these women located, interviewed. Now.

Deputy Powell and the two agents walk out of the office.

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