Wake-up Call (105.7)

105.07 SYNOPSIS: A flashback to six months after the disappearance has Grace not wanting to do anything bought stay in bed. When Olive tries to make her mom food, she injures her hand. This is a wake up call for Grace who then gets out of bed.—>

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Grace gets a text from Danny

Just as Ben and Cal walk out the front door to go to Coney Island. Grace’s phone rings. She looks at her text messages.

DANNY: Need to see u today. Important.  Please, Grace.

GRACE: Busy at work. Can’t talk now.

Olives cuts herself


Scene sifts to Grace’s bedroom as camera pans down to her television. 

TV REPORTER: At the six-month anniversary of Flight 828’s disappearance, the odds of finding any trace of the doomed flight are slim. No evidence of the plane has ever been recovered. And now the families of 828 face a sad reality they may never recover their loved ones’ remains.

Camera pans to Grace who is laying in her bed.

Character Detail

Nice detail: in a flashback to Grace’s low point, six months after the plane disappeared, she’s lying in bed with one of Cal’s superhero pillows.

SOURCE: Baby M at Doux Reviews

TV REPORTER: And now, in other…

As Grace shuts off the TV with the remote, we hear the  bedroom door open. 

OLIVE: I made you some soup, Mom.

Olive looks tired as she carries a tray into the room.

GRACE: Oh, thanks, Ollie Bollie, but I’m not really hungry.

OLIVE: You gotta eat.

GRACE: What happened to your hand?

Two band-aids are on Olive’s hand between her left thumb and index finger.

OLIVE: I tried to make you ham and cheese, but the knife slipped, and I cut myself, and the blood got on the bread, and we don’t have any more bread or even ham, and the cheese has green spots on it. So I just made Cup O’ Noodles. I hope you like it, Mom.

Grace pulls herself together


After Olive leaves her mom’s room, Grace gets out of her bed and walks over to the mirror to take a hard look at herself. 

GRACE: Pull yourself together.


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