Three Amigas (105.8)

105.08 SYNOPSIS: Jared and Lourdes are moving Michaela’s belongings back to her parents’ place as they reminisce over the good old days.—>

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Sharing grief


Scene shifts to the front of Grandma Karen and Grandpa Steve’s house. Jared and Lourdes are walking up the sidewalk carrying boxes. As with Grace’s flashback in the previous scene, this scene is set at the six month anniversary mark of the plane’s disappearance.

JARED: Thanks for helping. I couldn’t face being in Mick’s apartment alone.

LOURDES: Yeah, of course. I can’t believe her life boils down to these boxes.

Sharing memories

A small box on top of a large box that Jared is carrying slides off, and photos spread out on the steps.

LOURDES: Every single one is me and Evie and Michaela.

JARED: The Three Amigas.

LOURDES: And only one left.

JARED: Do you remember this one?

We see a photo of Evie, Lourdes and Michaela in parochial school uniforms with backpacks on in front of a wrought iron fence. 

LOURDES: The Summer Carnival at St. Agnes. Evie tripped over Mrs. O’Connell’s poodle and fell over.


Sharing advice

Steve and Karen Stone come out onto their front porch.

STEVE: I wondered who was making such a ruckus.

KAREN: Oh, don’t stop on our account. It’d good to hear real laughter again.

LOURDES: It feels wrong.

KAREN: Joy is never wrong. I miss them all so much, and I know we’ll be together again someday. But right now, I think to myself, what would Michaela want? And I know. She’d want the people she loved the most to be happy.

JARED: Here.

Jared offers her Michaela’s box of photos.

KAREN: No, honey. You two keep them. Remember her and laugh. That way, she’ll live forever.


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