Gee, Grace, You look… (105.9)

105.09 SYNOPSIS: Grace sits down with a support group, which includes Danny, and shares her story with them. He approaches her afterward and instantly manages to make her laugh for the first time in a long time.—>

Script & Commentary


Scene shifts to to a Grief and Loss support group that Grace is attending. There are at least six other people with her. We are at the six month anniversary of the plane’s disappearance.

GRACE: When Cal was sick I wanted to make the most of every moment. That’s why we were on that damn trip in the first place. Not only did I lose my son, but I lost my husband, too. I felt like I had no one left. But I did have someone left my daughter. And she’s what brought me here today. I mean, people say to me, “Grace, you look great. You’re so strong.

The camera pans to Danny.

GRACE: But I know they’re just being polite. I don’t know. It’s weird, but, sometimes, I just I wish that someone would just say to me, “Gee, Grace, you look like hell.”

MAN: Well, thanks for sharing, Grace.

A short time later, Grace is getting coffee in the kitchen when Danny walks up behind her.

DANNY: Gee, Grace. You look like hell.

Grace smiles.

DANNY: Now, that’s the first time insulting a woman ever made her smile.

GRACE: [CHUCKLES] Well, I-I guess I asked for it.

DANNY: Yeah.

GRACE: Thank you. I hardly recognize the sound of my own laugh. I’m Grace.

DANNY: Danny. And you’re welcome.


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